Sunday, April 24, 2005

Nutmeg's birthday party! Oh, what a day. Nutmeg finally went down, just after 10, after a few hours of cavorting around the living room in her PJs, clapping her hands, playing with her new toys. Everything was perfect. Everyone made the drive, and everyone had a good time. I mean, a good-ass time. Especially Nutmeg. She went down for her nap right around 1, woke up at quarter to three just as people were arriving, and after about half an hour she was really having a good time. She and Max played in the sand table, which Kay brought from the toy library and Bert filled with sand from ocean beach. All the babies enjoyed playing in the baby lounge thingie, and we put on a few puppet shows. When we put her cake on the high chair tray and sang happy birthday, she was amazed to see everyone looking at her and singing to her. She stared at that cake on her tray for a few moments and put a tentative hand on it, then another, and felt the icing. She devoured her piece of carrot cake, and she loved opening her presents. She just did great all day. The other babies had a good time.
The amazing thing about this baby, we all agree, is that through all the stimulation she just gets more and more animated and fun. She doesn't get cranky.

Tomorrow morning is her birthday. We're hoping to go to Crissy Field and have a picnic in the afternoon if it's sunny, so she can open her presents from her grandparents and from us.

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