Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Oh, big things happened in the last few days: Our first night away from baby, and Nutmeg attended her first little friend's birthday party. But I am really tired, so I'll get right down to business and tell y'all about that stuff later.

A few people have asked me what Nutmeg wants for her birthday.

Disclaimer: This is not a gambit for gifts! Nutmeg is far from a deprived child, being the subject of intense spoiling and adoration from both sets of grandparents, aunts and uncles. No one is *expected* to give her anything. Besides, she doesn't know the difference yet and won't begin judging you based on material things for at least a couple of years ;-)

However, to those of you who asked or is wondering, there aren't that many things she doesn't have already, so i here is my answer:

As far as toys go, there are a few things she has shown interest in or is probably ready for that she doesn't have: a ball, a truck or car she can push around with her hand, a pull toy for when she's walking, a jack in the box, one of those little xylophones. books are always good of course, especially the tough ones she can turn the pages of herself.
As far as clothes, about the only thing she needs in the 12 month size is pajamas. In the 18 month size, she only has a few things, so 18-month pjs, onesies, shirts, pants, dresses -- they're all fair game. Except sweaters. Her Grandma provides her with plenty of those.

Ok, that's it. I will not be so tacky as to address the subject again, but if you are one of Nutmeg's loved ones, and if anyone else asks you what she wants, you can refer them to this page.

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