Monday, March 28, 2005

Nutmeg's first Easter. At six thirty she woke up smiling and tapping on me with her open palm, saying, "ma ma ma." I went into the kitchen and came back wearing her bunny ears that Grammy and Grampy sent her, carrying her easter basket. She got so much amusement out of taking a couple of large plastic eggs out of the basket and putting them back again that we were able to read the paper and drink our coffee for at least half an hour. Then we read her the 2 books from her Easter basket, "Hide and Go Peep" and some slapdash retelling of a Beatrix Potter story about a duck named Jemimah. Much like Aunt Jemimah, this duck wears a head scarf. But she's a white duck.

Nutmeg was wearing the ducky pjs that her Grandma and Grandpa sent her for Easter. I bounced her in bed and said, "hop, hop, hop" and she bounced some more and said it herself. She's quite a little chatterbox nowadays, at 11 months.

We tagged along with Keith and Kay and Eliot to the home of their friends in Oakland, where the kids enjoyed an Easter egg hunt. We would hold Nutmeg over a plastic egg, and she would reach out and grab it and put it in her basket. All the babies loved the eggs, just holding them, opening them, moving them in and out of baskets. And happily for Mommy, some of the eggs had little Hershey bars in them.

Keith and Kay's lovely friends have an old house on an "in transition" street, and a nice backyard. Every time I start feeling content again in our little apartment, and am telling myself that we can make do with a small space for several years if we have to, I visit someone with a whole house and a yard and I start really wanting that. I didn't get in to any of the graduate programs I applied to, mostly on account of the fact that I only got around to applying to two. So anyway, that means the future is pretty much plan free, so Daddy is looking around for a job that might take us back to the midwest.

Childcare update: We met a family where the mother is Chinese and the husband American, who live in the Mission, who are interested in taking care of Nutmeg a couple of days a week while I work. They have two daughters, and the mom speaks only Chinese to the kids during the day. They seem to have a very learning, nurturing environment there, with lots of books and activities. We're going to meet the mom for a playdate this week to get to know them more.

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Kori said...

Carrie, I'm bummed about your grad school program results. They don't know who they're missing, believe me! I'm happy, though, about Midwest job-hunting plans. Hurray, hurray! :)

Maybe you can have the house and the yard that we can come visit!?!