Sunday, March 06, 2005

Nutmeg has such a verve for life, that her daddy was promted to say this morning: "She just assaults life with such gusto, you know? She's like a little AK 47 of love."

Nutmeg had just insisted on tasting Daddy's juice while we walked home from the really cool playground by Pac Bell Park. Daddy's juice was a very tart Odwalla concoction. After taking a little sip, she stuck her tongue right out and grinned. And then reached for the bottle again. And stuck her tongue out again. And we were grinning at each other, thinking, once again, "we won the baby lottery." It was one of those priceless sunny, warm early spring days here in SF. I got a little sunburned. Yeah, I know that makes you jealous, Midwesterners.

Just now I was reading a big debate in the comments section of a BabyCenter page about teaching babies to put themselves to sleep. One mom said she nursed her baby to sleep and didn't hesitate to nursing him throughout the night, although now that he's 14 months old he's nursing less and less. She said, "Don't be afraid to love your baby all day and all night." The other mothers ripped her to shreds! Well, she did refer to those who don't nurse to sleep as "hands off" moms. I can see how they didn't like that. But still. Jeez. I was a little scared by a few moms posting that their babies still need to nurse to sleep at 2-1/2, or still wake up several times a night at 7, and they blame this on not teaching them to self-soothe as infants. I don't know. Maybe we're doing all the wrong things. We'll just have to sue Dr. Sears if that happens, I guess.

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