Thursday, March 03, 2005

My dad likened the past week of our lives to a Mastercard commercial:

Train fare: $427
Lift tickets: $200
Tiny hat and mittens: $4

Babysitting your granddaughter while Mom and Dad ski: Priceless.

It was so wonderful. The first day my folks arrived, Nutmeg's daddy and I had to rush off to join our team for the annual Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt. My parents were nervous that Nutmeg wouldn't remember them, would cry when we left. At Christmas, when we left her home and went to a party, she cried for a couple of hours. But instead, this time, she didn't even notice when we left. She was too busy getting out each of her toys to show her new playmates.

And now, after a week of Grammy and Grampy, being alone with Mom is a terrible bore for her. I don't fly her around the room much, and I rarely present my nose for honking. I do, however, gratefully accept her big, open-mouth kisses, which she really got into giving when Grammy was around to receive them. I know she's pining over Grammy and Grampy, because she keeps pointing at their photo on the shelf. When we get it down, she kisses it. Then she turns the frame over, because there's a photo of her other grandparents on the other side. And she kisses that side too.

So when Grammy and Grampy return in a week and a half, we're going to try the unprecedented step of leaving Nutmeg with them OVERNIGHT. We are currently training for this event as if it were the Boston Marathon. I have a big bottle of milk in the fridge that I will give Nutmeg tonight instead of nursing her when she wakes up. She also needs to spend the whole night in her crib, instead of in bed with us, before this overnight can happen. Ambitious? Yes. But the payoff is that Daddy and I could go back up to Tahoe to spend the night at our friend Jack's funtime birthday ski cabin, ski, and drive home Saturday night.

Not all was sunshine and happiness this past week, though. Nutmeg broke my heart a little by going on a nursing strike, and I thought she was weaning herself. But now she seems to be back to normal. What I think happened was this: She bit me while nursing, and, following instructions in my baby book, I said "no!" to her sternly and stopped nursing. She sobbed pitifully, and I hugged her. The next time she seemed ready to nurse, I put her to my breast, but instead of latching on, she started to cry again, and shook her head "no." She can do that now.

"Sometime soon you'll be wishing that 'no' always had this big of an impact on her," my mom pointed out.

Yeah, I will, I'm sure. But this had me kinda sad. Especially since getting Nutmeg to latch on was so hard in the beginning, I've always felt such comfort and pride when she latches on like a pro and goes at it. During the couple days when she nursed less, she ate more solids, and even put herself to sleep by holding her own bottle on my lap. She used to never want a bottle! It was crazy.

Nutmeg seemed to learn things at warp speed while Grammy and Grampy were here, maybe because of all the attention. She's mimicking difficult to say words as well as she can. "Prrr," she says when I'm changing her diaper and she's looking at the crystal beads hanging in the window. "Pretty," I say. "Prr," she says. Today at the Academy of Sciences playroom, a mom told me her daughter was 3, and Nutmeg said something like "three." The mom was amazed since I had just told her the Nut was 10 months. "Talking already? That's almost unheard of."

The only words she is truly saying are "da" for daddy and "mama" for me. Mama she seems to have only really connected with me in the past couple of days. But she is showing signs of understanding words. Say "no" gently and she shakes her head, say it sternly and she drops what she is doing. Say "turn the page" when reading a book and she does it. Say "balloon" and she looks up toward the ceiling, even if she's not in our living room, where her wrinkly but still buoyant Valentine's day mylar balloon from Eliot hovers.

And yes, she's pointing already. My little smarty.

Her radio flyer walker wagon arrived today! she seemed unnaturally excited by the box when i brought it in, as if she knew what was inside. It needs to be assembled, so that will have to wait for daddy to get home tomorrow night, since it's way too late tonight and it might be too loud for him to do in the morning before work. I got it for $38 plus $10 shipping on ebay, and it arrived new in box (nib, as they say) with a $70 price tag still on it. Yay! I also bought her a radio flyer tricycle for her birthday (don't tell her). It's not new. I got it on Craigslist for half the retail price, but i have to buy a new pushbar cause this one has rust. I'm having a little buyer's remose on that one, especially when i saw the equivalent Kettler trike has a little seatbelt and this one doesn't. Well, it's pretty cute though. Hopefully it'll be grand.

Then there is the great childcare search. The best news I can report is that someone posted on Craigslist that they want to start a SOMA babysitting coop. I'm going to a meeting in the park with them Sunday. I don't know if htey are talking about occasional evenings out or a regular childcare set-up, but either way it can't hurt to meet some more SOMA families. That's the name of our neighborhood, for my (probably thousands of) non-local readers.

OK, my house is a mess, i just spent an hour chatting on icq with a felon (whoops, talking about work on my blog, that's a big nono), and i am exhausted. goodnight.

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Kori said...

What a sweet weekend you had! I'm glad Nutmeg had so much fun.

It makes me smile that your mom is going by "Grammy." That is what we call my grandmother---the one named Hazel.