Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Aargh. Got an email last night from the owners of the house we were going to rent to put all Nutmeg's grandparents in and have her birthday party at. They're cancelling our reservation because it's the only weekend they could get with construction crew to rebuild their deck and replace hot tub.

That was the one thing on my to do list that was checked off.

And after deciding to switch party from sunday to saturday, i'm switching back to sunday, because i just found out that saturday is the beginning of passover. wouldn't it be nice if these religious people could consolidate their holidays? you know, we have presidents day for a handful of old white guys, so why couldn't we have like, "spring holiday," "fall holiday" and "winter holiday?" we don't need a summer religious holiday; who wants to sit in church/temple/mosque when it's nice out?

yep, that's what we need: more homogenization. less flavor and uniqueness. come on, you know you're with me on this. you know you love it when your family gets too big and instead of throwing you a birthday party, they throw one big party for everyone born in october, november and december. much like that has saved me the trouble of remembering your birthday, my new religious holiday plan would save me from having a darn birthday party on passover.

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