Thursday, February 10, 2005

wow, i made the coolest discovery last night! i went to a free workshop on finding childcare at the Children's Council of San Francisco. I was the only one in the class who wasn't pregnant, and that made me feel like the biggest slacker on earth. But, the cool discovery! They have a toy lending library. For $15, I joined for life, and I can check out 4 toys at a time, for a month. How cool is that? They had all kinds of stuff, and most of it very nice and new looking. I took a sand pail with some shovels for playing in the park, an inflatable roller thingie that Nutmeg can push around the house while crawling, and -- the big hit with Nutmeg -- a set of four noisemakers with easy-to-grab little handles. Little bells and stuff like that. She looooves ringing those bells.

Other than that, looking for childcare has been a bitch. Totally overwhelming.

But Nutmeg, she's cool. She's a little Cheerio-aholic. Give her a Cheerio (or, to be honest, a Joe-O, the Trader Joe's house brand), and before she's even swallowed it she's making her little "more" sign, which is banging her two fists together. We had a lunch a bunch of moms from my work today, and we met a 14-month-old. When he saw Nutmeg with her cute little monkey hat on, he touched his head several times. "Hat," he was saying. I interpreted this as, "Hey baby, nice hat." And Nutmeg responded by reaching toward him, leaning as far as she possibly could out of her stroller. They were just like a little Romeo and Juliet, restrained by nylon straps instead of by an ancestral grudge between families. And they shared some cheerios.

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Unknown said...

hi there!

thanks for stopping by kidzilla's blog! it sounds like you have quite the busy bee. :) she sounds absolutely adorable.

are you from chicago originally? if you need any help with chicago stuff, let me know! craigslist is getting better here, but most people rely on/use for housing and entertainment. most web friendly moms (not that many) use for baby info, forums, shopping, etc...

anyway, i'm making mac & cheese for k'zilla - gotta go. i'll check back! toodles! :)