Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Nutmeg's daddy and I were supposed to have a Valentine's Day date tonight, but Daddy's cold got much worse lately and he had a 101.5 fever. Today the fever's gone and he feels a little better, but he definitely didn't want to go out. Poor guy.

Today the Sears repair people actually showed up to fix our microwave, after cancelling 3 times. They tried to cancel this time just because the guy didn't think he could find parking in our neighborhood so he wanted to reschedule for Saturday! I never heard that one before. Then he came, borrowed our phone line to order more parts, made some phone calls, and said they would come Saturday when the additional parts arrived. I asked him as he was leaving, "this is all covered by the recall?" and he said, no, that there was something wrong with the microwave that had nothing to do with the recall. Turned out he had just ordered $550 worth of parts. For a microwave oven. I guess I shouldn't have asked and should have just let them do the repair, because there was no way I was going to pay them! Nobody every asked me if I wanted to hire them to do paid repairs, or gave me an estimate, or anything.
So, I guess we're microwave shopping this week. What a pain, because it has to be installed over the stove. Ick.

Anyway, the second day care I went to last week looked ok, except all the kids had grown up and went off to school, the lady said. She held Nutmeg and talked to her and I liked the way she interacted with her. But she is from Guangdong and her main language is Cantonese (same for the first lady, too). So I doubted she would really speak Mandarin to Nutmeg during the day. She's a possibility, I suppose. But both places are farther from my work than I would like.

Anyway, I've been calling all the regular day care centers in my area, and very few of them accept part time kids. The full time fees are from $1200 a month on up. That means that if I paid for full time and only worked part time, I'd be paying my entire take-home pay. Or more. I'm enjoying working right now, but not THAT much. I know I'll find some kind of situation that works though. Nutmeg's daddy may take care of her on my half day, so it could just be 2 days a week.

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