Sunday, February 13, 2005

I'm pretending that Nutmeg is asleep. In reality, she's in her crib, playing around with her teddy bear, and making little "I'm having fun" noises. On Supernanny, this condition often leads to sleep. In my life, not so much. Of course, Supernanny makes the parents let their baby cry, whereas I will go get Nutmeg if she stops playing and starts crying. Am I setting myself up for a lifetime of dependency? Who knows.

Hey, Kay sent me the coolest baby name link: Strangely, it claims that the name "Nutmeg" has never been in the top 1,000 in any decade. A friend at work whose wife is pregnant (that's 2 in the biz section now, we must have something in the water on our side of the building) told me that she really likes Nutmeg's real name, and he was supposed to ask if I mind if they use it. Hmm. Well, we don't own it, I told him. I guess that would be flattering.

Childcare. So far I visited 3 daycares, all unsuitable for Nutmeg. I knew the first one, a home daycare, was not going to be good when I was met at the gate by a lone 3-year-old, just as the large gate (the kind that lets cars in) was swinging open toward her. I made sure she didn't get hit by the gate, but obviously I was never going to leave Nutmeg there. I checked the place out anyway, since I was there. A small apartment on 2 levels, with the living room decked out with a plastic Playskool table, a book rack with lots of kids books, and plenty of toys. Nice enough. Except the television was on. Next.
One home daycare whose web site I visited even listed "watching the Barney show" as one of the daily activities.

oh my god! Nutmeg started to whimper, so i went in there and there was poop all over the crib sheet, on her hands, and yes -- on her face. took me a half hour to get her -- and the crib -- cleaned up and now she's finally asleep, in fresh clothes, on a nice clean bed. and i am late for rock climbing with jack. so i'll have to finish my childcare saga later.

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