Monday, February 07, 2005

Every day Nutmeg seems more like a toddler, even though she's not walking yet. She can reach the tabletop now, and she'll feel around for whatever she can pull down. Today we watched the Superbowl at the home of one of the baby friends we've coopted from other friends, and she had a good time playing with Hayden, who's about 6 weeks older. They passed toys and a ball back and forth to one another, crawled after one another. When I got the Cheerios out they both stood up at the coffee table opposite me, like they were bellying up to the baby bar. I made Nutmeg do her "more" sign before I would give her another one, but I gave them freely to Hayden cause he's not doing sign language. So of course Nutmeg reached over and stole Hayden's cheerio. She also gave the other baby there, Eliot, her trademark "face grab." We pulled her back right away and his eyes got all big, but he didn't cry. She's really holds her own with the boys.

Late in the afternoon she caught a glimpse of the cat for the first time, and then we couldn't keep her in the living room. She kept crawling down the hall toward the bedrooms on cat hunting expeditions.

I'm in the throes of looking for childcare for her for April. We were hoping to find a daycare or a nanny share where she could hear Chinese spoken. I called a Chinese retired woman whose daughter posted on Craigslist offering her as a nanny, and although I could explain to her in Chinese what we needed, I had trouble understanding her answers. But when we agreed we should meet, she put her daughter on, so I knew she understood she was supposed to come by our house at 11 a.m. Saturday. I arranged for a friend from Hong Kong to be there to make sure we could understand each other well.
On Saturday morning we got up and straightened up the house and Erik went out for bagels, since our Chinese friend was going to have a couple friends with her. And we waited. By 11:30, there was still no one at our house. I called the potential nanny and there she was, sitting around her house. She said she wasn't coming because she was looking for a job she could start right away and we weren't looking to start until April.
Well, thanks lady, for saving me the trouble of interviewing you. I guess.
Tomorrow I'm going to stop by a home daycare run by a Chinese woman who speaks English as well. There's a large, nice-sounding daycare in Chinatown where they speak Chinese, but I think you have to be low-income to send your kids there.
Anyway, we'll see.
Meanwhile, we stopped giving Nutmeg yogurt and cheese because she developed an itchy rash on her neck. Poor thing, it had her waking up crying several times last night, until Daddy came home with some hydrocortisone cream.

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