Sunday, January 09, 2005

So I haven't had a chance to talk about the overall wonderfulness of Nutmeg's trip back to the Midwest, nor of the specific wonderfulness of Chicago.
One of the main fun things for her were the dogs. This baby, a girl after my own heart, loves dogs, and she had a great time playing with her grandma and grandpa's sheltie as well as the two dogs at Mike and Kori's in Chicago. She'd try to chase that sheltie around the house, but the poor thing was (justifiably) scared of her and would stay just out of reach. Then one day she spotted him standing still, and she made a beeline across the length of the house and almost got him. He was eating, so he didn't run away for once. I scooped her up just at the last minute, not that sweet Indie would bite her or anything if she interrupted his meal, but I thought we should let the poor beast enjoy his dog food in peace.
Mike and Kori have one medium-large mellow dog and one little nervous dog. The bigger one, Ada, just lay back and let Nutmeg pet her, pull on her paws, grab her ears, whatever. We held the baby back a little and trid to teach her to pet gently. The little one was kind of freaked out by Nutmeg and would back off and bark at her, but that didn't faze Nutmeg at all. She'd crawl right toward the barking dog.
"She's saying, 'Bring it!' Kori said.
But by the end of the weekend, little Wilbur snuck up behind Nutmeg and gave her a little kiss on the ear. He was still frightened, but his attitude had shifted from frightened and hostile to frightened and fascinated.
Nutmeg, baby ambassador to the animals.
Since we got back Monday our house has been chaos, with open suitcases everywhere and mess and confusion. Now it's the weekend and we're starting to catch up. We rearranged our bedroom furniture yet again, to get the crib away from the windows, but that means we need to have a major rearrangement of things that hang on the wall, then there's a bunch of baby's room things that were never yet put up on the wall. The upshot is that the baby is 8 months old and I have never yet taken the nursery photo for her baby book because i'm waiting for the room to be "finished." By the time it is, I'm sure we'll be moving out.
To where? Who knows. I took the GRE Friday night for my app to Iowa, and now I'm going to put that app out of my mind. Odds are just way against me. I have a few more apps to put together though, if I get to it. Daddy's company is moving to Foster City next month, which means a move to the East Bay is out of the question. I don't know, it's not unthinkable to stay where we are. The Japanese manage it. We just need to get rid of more books! They're everywhere.
Taking the GRE was a laugh. Since the scores don't matter for the programs I'm applying to, I didn't prepare at all. In at least half the math questions, I didn't even know what the questions were about. So of course I just guessed. The upshot is, it's supposed to be a four-hour test, and I got out of there in three. You take it on a computer these days, so if you finish all the questions, the timer just stops and you go on to the next section. I got my scores immediately: 540 out of 800 for math (hey, i only went up to geometry, give me a break!) and 680 out of 800 in verbal. Thought I could do better in verbal, considering my profession, but those analogies are a bitch. Conundrum:pathetic as kindom:righteous? Or bite:me as m:f'er?
Yesterday, Dave and Alli and their baby Hayden had a little "not-yet-an-old year" open house. There were lots of babies there, and Nutmeg had a great time and, I thought, showed that she's an assertive, self-confident little thing. She just crawled right into the fray, grabbing toys off the floor -- or out of the hands of other babies -- and chattering to the others, and really never looked back to us for holding or comfort or anything. I had to talk her into nursing near the end of the party. Then we stopped at the mall, since we were down on the Peninsula, and exchanged an outfit Nutmeg got for Xmas for a smaller size so she could wear it now (it's a winter thing, and she probably wouldn't fit into the size she had gotten until spring). The nice thing is,since everything in the store was now 20% off, we were able to get a matching onesie and socks to add to the outfit at no additional cost. Yay! And we rolled the new Graco MetroLite around the mall and found it very nice.
New Year's resolution: Upgrade this blog to get some Nutmeg photos in here. There, now that I've promised it the masses of Nutmeg fans, I've gotta do it.
Finally, Nutmeg's daddy and I have found a new "exercise" to prevent family fights that beats any of the stilted "I feel" statements that we learned about in counseling. Here it is:
1) rent Napolean Dynomite
2) If your spouse starts to tick you off, simply say your response in the voice of Napolean. "Gosh! Jeez! Whatever I feel like doing!"
3) laugh. forget argument and descend into a Napolean-quoting contest.

thanks to Auntie Julia for recommending this totally awesome movie!

Now I must go watch the Packers shred the Vikings in the playoffs. Go Pack!

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