Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Oy vey. Why does a day when Nutmeg took her only nap while I was at work have to be a day when Daddy can't come home until 10:30 p.m.? She finally just went down now, and I'm drained. Never managed to get the mail. But I just have to share 3 cute things my big girl did in the last 36 hours:
1) Just now, as I lay her down, I was about to take her "Grampy Bear" out of the crib. But she threw an arm around it to hug it in her sleep. Aww.
2) As usual, this evening she emptied a bag full of Christmas ribbon we've got sitting around. But instead of just throwing them on the floor, tonight she handed me each ribbon, and grinned ear to ear when I said, "Thank you."
3) Yesterday when Daddy brought her by my work to nurse, she crawled out of the ladies lounge, down a short hallway, and across the lobby to her Daddy. All I did was open the two doors and urge her on. It was the first time she really got from point A to point B without us transporting her.

Today she started crying at the Post Office and wouldn't stop as I pushed her home in the stroller. So I stopped and put her in the new Ergo carrier, to see if that would help. I was right near a homeless shelter. A homeless woman stopped and asked if she could help me, since I had a bunch of bags on the sidewalk that I had dug out of the stroller basket to get to the carrier. I asked her to fasten the closure on the back of the carrier for me, because it's almost impossible to reach when you're wearing it. She did, and said, "I'm not responsible enough to be a mom, but I like to help." Skinny little woman, looked older, except that I know from the Chron's series on homelessness that a lot of these people who look 50 are really about my age. Anyway, when I thanked her and told her that was all I needed, she just smiled, told me to take care, and went into the shelter.

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