Monday, January 31, 2005

It occurred to me that Ayelet Waldman, author and writer of blogger at, could do a "vanity Google" and see on this blog how horrified i was at the image of her poor son crying until he vomited while being taught to put himself to sleep. So I just want to say, hey Ayelet, ye novelist married to another writer, (something i could never handle) and ye mother of 4 (obviously, something else i could never handle), i don't mean to be hatin'. i feel for you.

by the way, i heard on bbc news this morning that there was a baby born in an iraqi polling place to a mother determined to cast her vote despite the long lines. go moms of the world!

took nutmeg to the dog show yesterday. o holy day! she got to pet lots of doggies and she got very excited. she can make a barking sound now, and she did it many times at the cow palace when she saw doggies. she likes the great big ones, just like mommy and daddy do. but the people who were nicest about having her pet their little champions were the shar-pei people. the basenji, we didn't let her near, of course.

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