Sunday, January 16, 2005

Hey parents! Ever play Baby Chicken? In this fun game, Parent A spies baby heading toward one of your home's many baby booby traps, like an open bathroom door or a pile munchable newspapers. But Parent A does not rescue baby, because he/she firmly believes that Parent B should be watching baby. Oh, maybe because when Parent A asked Parent B to watch baby, he said, "Sure."
The fun twist to Baby Chicken is that Parent B has no idea he's playing. As baby approaches open toilet, ready to practice her diving, Parent A swoops in at the last second, returns baby to Parent B's feet, and gasps, "That was a close one!"
Parent B, not realizing he has won yet another round of Baby Chicken, continues reading his e-mail.
Repeat for rounds 2 through infinity!

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Kori said...

Wow. We already have such a great time playing "Puppy Chicken," I can't imagine what fun awaits us next year with a baby! More fun games for us!