Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hey, moms! Trying to limit the amount of money you spend on toys? Want your baby to play with organic materials instead of injection-molded plastic? You're in luck!
Turns out a gooey post-pregnancy belly is an irresistable toy to an 8-month-old baby. Just put on a pair of low-rise jeans, lie down, and let that baby grab handfuls of flesh, knead, slap, and otherwise have a ball. Daddy bellies can be fun too, but beware: While playing on the bed last night, Nutmeg kneed her daddy you-know-where. From his head-down, immobilized, minute-long grimace, I surmise that hurt.

By the way, the Graco MetroLite stroller we got is rolling along well. Nutmeg likes it. I like it. We also ponied up $200 for the Britax Roundabout car seat, since we realized she'd been riding around in a carseat she was too long for for more than a month. How long will it take before Nutmeg figures out that guilt induces Mommy and Daddy to buy things?

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Bert said...

... is nutmeg trying to assure that she will be an only child and therefore, keep all of the parental affection to herself?

and it is likely she will figure out the guilt thing in no time. i'll be there to let you know all about child psychology, so you will know how to make her think she deserves the guilt like any good parent should.