Thursday, January 20, 2005

EZ Prints sucks, but my baby rocks!

I almost forgot, but you need to tell everyone you see today not to patronize a photo web site called This is the company that bungled our Christmas card order and had us up all night home printing them in the hopes that a few would get through the postal service in time for Christmas.

Yesterday, I got my holiday credit card bill, and amid the general carnage was a $111 charge from EZ Prints. That's right, not only did they fail to deliver our Christmas cards on time, but they had he gall to charge us for them even though we cancelled the order. I called the bastards and they said I would have to return the cards if I wanted my money back. I pointed out that a) I had only ever received half the cards I ordered and b) since I had already cancelled the order when I received the ones they did send, I don't see why the burden should be on me to go to the post office, wrap them up and mail them. Haven't you people done enough to me? You ruined my Christmas! (yes, yes, hyperbole, but still, what they did to me was bad. they really should have refunded me the whole order. and i told them that.) Eventually after I threatened to report them to Master Card, they gave me the name of a manager who was supposed to call me. I'm still waiting.

Oh, I will get my money back. By the way, if you haven't tried this before, the names "Master CArd" and "Visa" put much more fear in a merchant's heart than any paltry "Better Business Bureau" or "Federal Trade Commission." If anyone tries to charge you with something you feel you shouldn't pay for, you can fill out a form with the credit card company and the company will get you your money back.

Anyway, in much happier news, Nutmeg took a few steps today while pushing one of those baby walker toys. We were in the shop at Day One Center, one of the places across town for rich parents that I go to once in awhile to make myself feel deprived. I helped Nutmeg stand up and put her hands on the handle of the walker, and she took several steps, laughing all the while. Then she fell backwards and pulled the thing down on top of her and cried. But oh, what a triumphant moment before the disaster! She went on to do the same thing with the other 2 walkers they had there, without my help. The other ones were made of wood and were too heavy to fall backwards.

So, looks like, despite the overflow conditions in the Giant Toy Mountain that we once called our living room, I'll be hitting the rummage sales again, looking for a walking toy. Walking, oh no, I hate writing that! She's supposed to stay my little baby forever! But you know what? There was a 9-month-old at the playgroup at Parents Place today who was walking. Yikes!

And guess what my little rocker is doing right now? Playing the piano on her LeapStart learning table and then throwing back her head and singing, "Bah, bah, bah."

The baby has soul, I'm telling you. Where she got it, that I couldn't tell you.

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