Saturday, December 04, 2004

Nutmeg and I are recovering from her second cold. Actually she's pretty much better, but I'm hacking up a lung, much to the annoyance of my coworkers today. Fortunately, the pediatrician who answered my call to the advice line at Nutmeg's pediatrician said it's ok to take Robitussin, as long as I don't take "a large amount." What, no Robitripping?

Nutmeg is such a busy, fun little girl these days. She's wearing all kinds of cute new clothes inherited from her cousin Kathleen. I put her on the bed today with a big tupperware container of clothes that are too big for her yet, while i reorganized her drawers a little to make room for her new clothes. She managed to pull a lot of her future clothes out of the Tupperware, much to her delight. She started saying "da" last night when i was showing her the ducky on one of her blocks and saying, "ducky." Now it's "da" this and "da" that.

I don't think I had a chance to write about this, but we took Nutmeg to sit on Santa's lap at the mall in Wisconsin last Sunday. She was so cute and didn't cry at all, but the only smile we could get out of her was kind of a solemn one. The whole weekend at home, even though it was terribly expensive and a major trial to get there and back on such a busy travel weekend, was such fun. Nutmeg loved all the excitement and attention. She'd just sit on the floor playing with all the neat toys both her grandparents have at their houses, and chatter, and mug for pictures. We met Nutmeg's darling little friend Julia at a "welcome, baby" party, too.

Here's what we're getting Nutmeg for Christmas, for those who love lists as much as I do: monkey hat and sweater from Gymboree, rainmaker toy, LeapStart Learning Table, Peek-a-Blocks Train, Sesame Street puppets, some Robeez infant shoes, and maybe another book with baby faces.

Oh, and here's an article I wrote this week that a lot of people thought was funny:

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Ian Varley said...

"The match-up between the official inflation figures and the carol figures is remarkable, considering how few people give French hens and lords a-leaping as gifts these days."