Monday, December 13, 2004

I got a lot of Christmas shopping done this weekend, mostly online, and hammered out a tentative schedule for our visit home, so I'm feeling a little calmer about the whole holiday thing. I've never been one to freak out over the holidays, and this year I even started at a normal time instead of waiting till the last minute. But I've just been feeling overwhelmed with trying to work and care for Nutmeg and babyproof the house and get ready for the holiday all at the same time. Go figure. Her daddy's been great, he took care of her much of the weekend so I could get some of this done. Now I've had my glass of eggnog, the house is a little less cluttered with random piles of junk everywhere, and I feel a little more in control. Until the Christmas cards arrive from EZ Prints this week and I go crazy trying to get those out.
But enough about me. A week ago today we took Nutmeg to Union Square to have her Christmas card photos taken, and our friend Jack did a beautiful job with them. Sadly, we couldn't coax many smiles out of the Nut. We had planned the photo shoot for afternoon when the light would be best, then ran a little late (of course) getting over there, and I totally spaced on the fact that she usually naps at 3 or 4 p.m. So she slept in the car on the way over there and woke up when we finally found a parking space in the packed Union Square garage, only to be whisked out of her carseat and put into a dress and tights. She was not too happy. All the same, she couldn't help being cute, and passersby said things like, "Oh, she looks like part of the display!" and one dad came up and told us that we got the award for cutest baby he'd seen all day.
Monday Nutmeg went to the doctor and weighed in at 16 pounds, 12 ounces. Her head is now in the 80th percentile, while her weight is only in the 50th.
Nutmeg has smoothed out her crawl now, no more dragging leg, in fact she's developed this style where she puts one foot flat on the ground and pushes off for greater traction. She has pulled to standing a couple times using the side of the bathtub of all things, even though I always pull her off it when she goes there. She's so excited when I'm running water in the tub because she loves to take a bath. So yes, yes, we watch her like prison wardens. Don't worry, grandmas.
We went to a friend of Eriks' last night way out in the suburbs so Erik could play board games and I could go to Babys R Us while they played. I bought Nutmeg's forward facing stroller, a Baby Trend Trendsport Lite, which was only $40. I'm still not sure we want to keep it, because it's not so easy for me to collapse, but maybe I'm just not used to it yet. I got it not because it was the cheapest non-umbrella stroller, although it was, but because it was the lightest and least bulky one that had a decent sized basket. The Peg Perego Aria, which costs $200, was similar in those attributes, but the seat belt straps seemed too complicated on that one and it had some funny metal things in the seat that I didn't like. I'm taking the Trendsport with me tomorrow when we go buy new parts for the used electric breast pump I scored online this week, and when we take the bus back, I'll see how convenient it is.
I bought the breast pump on the Berkeley Parents Network, and I always like buying things on there because you get to go to other parents' homes and see how they live. This time the seller was a writer, or a former writer, with two beautiful children and a husband, and their house was an absolute disaster. They were supposed to be packing up to move, and the mother was sick, and obviously kind of overwhelmed with her life. I told her I was applying to some MFA programs, even though it seems kind of crazy right now, and she said, "well, as long as you don' t have any *more* kids." Indeed, sometimes I feel like Nutmeg is enough. Other times I can't wait to have a couple more. Well, OK, I can wait. The MFA thing is probably the crazy thing. I worked on my potential writing samples like crazy during the week before I went back to work, and hardly at all since then, and I don't see much opportunity for working on them before the January deadlines. There's just too many other pressing things to do.
Anyway, over at Erik's friend's house, they had a big stuffed dog bigger than Nutmeg, and she just went nuts over it. She's shrieking a lot now, and she shrieked like crazy over this dog. We'd say, "doggie!" and she says, "gie!" I don't know for sure but it seems like she's repeating the end of the word. She also has added all kinds of cute inflections when she talks now, so she sounds much more conversational. Often she sounds pleasantly surprised.
She loves taking things out of bags, so I can see already that Christmas is going to be a blast for her. And it now looks like mommy may survive getting ready for it.

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