Sunday, December 26, 2004

Ah, the happiest day. I have this theory that parents are lying -- or rather, deluding themselves -- when they say the day their child was born was the happiest day of their lives. After all, as glad as I was for Nutmeg to join our family, we barely got to know her on that day. All she did was emerge, cry, stare and sleep. Many days since then, I've been so happy, I had to say, "This is the happiest day."

I said that today. Nutmeg just loved Christmas, and her grandparents and aunts and uncles and mommy and daddy all got such a kick out of sharing it with her. Not that she had any idea of the significance of the day, obviously. But she had a good time tearing at wrapping paper, and she actually *loved* several of her presents. She even enjoyed looking at and patting the pictures of babies on the boxes of some of the goodies we didn't unwrap.

The lead up to this day was so exhausting that I found myself envying a Jewish friend who said it was nice not to have to worry about Christmas. But today I'm so glad, so glad to have done it all. The family were all thrilled with the personalized photo gifts I "made," i.e. ordered online with Nutmeg's photos all over them. And people actually got their Christmas cards before Christmas, making our all-nighter totally worth it.

Nutmeg. That baby. She's making these cute little conversational noises now, kind of an "ohhh," and laughing a lot. She'll walk her legs now when you hold her hands to help her along. She ate peas while we had Christmas dinner and the pooped them out right on the lace of her Christmas dress and my knee. Funny thing is, I had three holiday dresses and a holiday pants and sweater set for her. I managed to bring just one of them from Wauwatosa to Kenosha this morning, so when I took the dress out of her I didn't know what she should wear. But my grandma saved the day by tearing into one of Nutmeg's packages, which held a little angel outfit. With her blond hair growing in, she really looked the part.

I finally got Nutmeg down to sleep at around 10. I made sure to take her in the darkened living room, read her a story, and other quiet activities to help her wind down from the exciting day. Funny thing is, she wound down, but I'm still keyed up. It was all just so exciting. She really picked up on all the excitement around her. And she did so well at not getting cranky from tiredness -- she was up until 11:30 last night and took two naps of about an hour each.

Both sets of grandparents are planning to visit for Nutmeg's birthday. Is this a golden child or what? Her daddy and I started talking today about what we might do for her party, what kind of cake, etc. Carrot cake, of course. But no cream cheese frosting.

Merry Christmas!


Debby said...

I was doing a blog search for the term Christmas cards to see if I could get any ideas about anything new being offered this year, or to get an idea of what others are doing. I would like to do something different than just sending the same old type of greeting card that I always have. While handmade Christmas cards are a lot more expensive I’d love to find where someone is making neat ones to sell, and I would just buy fewer for some special people in my life. My keyword search brought me to this post. While it isn’t exactly what I was looking for, I’m glad I found your site. Very interesting read! Happy Holidays!

Jan said...

Christmas will be here before we know it. My how time flies! I just love this time of year – a time of Christmas cards, gift giving and parties. Sometimes it is overwhelming. I love it though. I have stopped by your blog form time to time and have really enjoyed reading your posts. I just wanted to finally say hi, and happy holidays to you!