Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving Day. Nutmeg's first major holiday. Sooo much fun. She sat in a high chair and ate yams out of her Baby Safe Mesh Feeder (TM) while we ate dinner. She was very funny because when we put on the bib she knew she was going to eat, and when we handed her the feeder she opened her mouth wide and put it in. Then she made this very sophisticated face, like, "You're giving me this crap??!" But she tasted it on and off throughout most of the meal, and then later Daddy gave her one with banana instead and she just loved that, sucked the banana right out. Her Grandma Janice fed her about a quarter cup of apple sauce earlier. Getting to be a big eater!

Our trip out here was sheer hell, more than a 12-hour journey that got us here to Wauwatosa at about 5:40 a.m. But Nutmeg did well, and her having so much fun with family makes it sort of worth it. But I swear, next year if we still live far away, we're not making the Thanksgiving journey.

A little more about Nutmeg's big week: Two days ago she pulled herself to a stand in her crib. Wow! She's learning to wave, although she likes to wave both hands just for the heck of it. Since she's been going to music class, where there's a clot of clapping, she's been waving her hands back and forth when she hears music and I think she's trying to clap. She played some great peek-a-boo today with the whole family. And she's done several "steps" of regular crawling, not the belly-sliding kind. And today she's 7 months old. Unbelievable.

Tomorrow we do Thanksgiving all over again at Grammy and Grampy's. Nutmeg is resting up for the big day, having gone to bed at 6 p.m. Since she slept so little last night and only slept once, I'm thinking she'll sleep through the night.

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