Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Instead of thinking about last night's catastrophic election and the consequences for the Supreme Court and the future of the world, let's think about Christmas. And you know what the best part of Christmas is, don't you? Material things!

As the holidays approach us, some family members have asked what Nutmeg wants for Christmas. Well, I asked, and she didn't know. But I can list some of things Nutmeg has already, if you promise not to alert the spoiling your baby police. Actually I know that plenty of people have much, much more stuff for their babies, but in 700 square feet it feels like she has lots and lots o' stuff already.

If you are not a relative thinking about gift ideas, you'll want to skip this entry. Unless you are thinking of casing our house to stock your own baby boutique.

She has an Excersaucer.Loves it. She has a swing and a bouncy chair. She has a baby gym, which she has almost outgrown. She has her own little bowls and plastic spoons and little "dipping sticks" for eating. She has all the bottles she will ever need, if she ever consents to drink from one. She has sippy cups. She has many lovely blankets, some of them homemade.

She has about 10 CDs, which cover most of the children's favorites and lulluabies, as well as some of the Sesame Street hits. She has Free to Be You and Me, in all its feminist 70s splendor.

She has many, many stuffed animals. She has a piano toy, a steering wheel/phone toy, a soft ring stacker that looks regrettfully like a penis when the rings are off, lots of plastic links, plastic keys, several teething toys, a bear that plays music, a frog that sings songs and teaches shapes (Leapfrog's Baby Tad). Pop beads. A Whoozit. Two tambourines. Four big soft blocks. One set of Peek a Blocks, the ones with farm animals inside. Countless rattles, which she is really loving right now. A rubber ducky. A screeching monkey and a vibrating frog. She has a big wooden puzzle. Also a couple of toys of which the purpose is to push wooden beads around -- one's a wooden board and one's a bunch of wires with the beads strung on 'em. Know what I'm talking about? And something called a Sesame Street "molecule," which emitts the voices of Sesame Street characters and weird, sci-fi sounds when you turn it. That thing is pretty cool.

(taking a breath)

She also has her own little library with essentials such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Where the Sidewalk Ends, The Giving Tree, Pat the Bunny, The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, Best Nest (mommy's childhood favorite), Goodnight Moon, as well as a handful of soft books she can play with herself and big girl books that she's not allowed to touch because she'll just tear off pieces of paper and eat them.

As far as clothes, Nutmeg is completely outfitted through the nine month size. She could still use a few things for ages 9 months and above. She has a snowsuit, a fleece suit and warm sweaters that will probably cover her for winter weather when she encounters it on her travels.

Oh, and at her grandparents houses she has a shape sorter, a barn with cute little animals inside, musical keys, a ring stacker, and A WONDER HORSE. Remember, the beautiful fuzzy horse on springs with a saddle and a mane and big, glossy eyes? OK, this was mommy's, but it's Nutmeg's now.

Gee, sounds like Nutmeg doesn't need anything for Christmas after all that, doesn't it? Yet something tells me that there will be some shopping going on anyway, so enjoy. Nutmeg's mommy and daddy are thinking about getting her the Rock, Roll and Ride Trike (, if we can find a space for it in our living room.
But remember, this is the Christmas when babies enjoy the boxes and wrapping paper more than the presents. Seems like there should be some metaphor for life in that, don't it?

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Kori said...

My WONDER HORSE (which remains in my parents' basement, as I have told them I would cry my eyes out if they ever gave him away) was named Wompatee. I gave him that name because that was the sound his springs made when you rode him. Wompatee, Wompatee, Wompatee. I love that horse.