Friday, November 12, 2004

Daddy went down to Electronic Arts to draw, his new Friday night ritual, and Nutmeg fell asleep on my lap while watching TV, so I guess it's just you and me, dear readers. The highlight of a boring day at work was listening to the jurors read the Scott Peterson verdict: Guilty! Murder One! I actually hissed, "Yes!" when I heard it.
And let me rant a little here. I'm so tired of reading newspaper columns asking why so many people are interested in that trial. The Peterson trial, in my opinion, was an amazing story. A guy so slick, such a pretty-boy creep, and the cops couldn't pin anything on him! It actually looked like he was going to get away with it. Obviously it's a good story.
And you know another thing I get so tired of reading time and again? How horrible Barbie is. Look at me, and all my friends. We all played with Barbies. We didn't feel the need to turn into Barbie and we didn't develop eating disorders or go around walking on our tiptoes and not bending our arms at the elbows. Please.
OK, rant over. The major development in our household today actually has nothing to do with Nutmeg, or Scott, or Barb. It's our plumbing. A few weeks ago, I asked Erik to take a look at the guts of our dishwasher because it was leaving a lot of bits of food on everything, including breast milk storage bottles, and it's not fun to pump half a bottle of milk only to find that there's a little speck of garlic or something halfway down the inside of it. He found some kind of gunk trap and cleaned it out, but pretty soon the dishes were getting gunked up again. Erik dug around in there some more, and then guessed that the problem might be in the pipe or hose draining the dishwasher.
So yesterday I called a plumber, and the guy came over and looked at the dishwasher and said the problem was with the machine and he couldn't help it. So Erik (at my request) also asked him to look at our bathroom sink, which had been draining quite slowly. He cut into the pipe, snaked it out, got it running quickly again, charged $200, and left. A little while later, Erik notices that the bathtub is now full of icky brown water. He calls the guy back, the guy returns, and says he must have just pushed the clog down to the larger drain that serves both the sink and the tub. He tries to snake it out, breaks his snake, and then says we'll have to pay $600 for him to get a ladder and cut open the pipe outside the building to get the clog out. Oy vey. We tell him we need to talk to our homeowners association about that, and he leaves. Erik goes to the hardware store and buys a bottle of some kind of uber-Draino, and now we're waiting and hoping that the poison might make this whole problem go away. Of course, when I first mentioned to Erik that he should ask the plumber to look at the bathroom sink, Erik said, "no, i'll just get a bottle of that Draino stuff." But silly me, i was overcome with environmental guilt about pouring a highly toxic chemical down the drain, and look where that got us. Both of us are just thinking, why did we ever call the plumber in the first place? Oh well, tomorrow a different plumber is coming over to give us a second opinion and even if it does cost us $600, I guess the homeowner's association will really have to pay for it, since it's the pipe outside our unit.
And guess what else? I saw a 3-year-old on television yesterday who weighed 130 pounds! Bert came over and had lunch before we went climbing and I told her about it. She said, that's more than I weigh!

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