Saturday, October 30, 2004

Work was easy. It was actually a nice break to not have to worry about Nutmeg all day, to sit in my cubicle and complete tasks without worrying about how much time I had left before the nap ends. Of course, I didn't have much to do on my first day, just tending to things like voice mail, computer log-in, replacing my security card, and cleaning about an inch of dust off my computer. I used this cleaning fluid that claimed to be not only viricidal and bacteriacidal, but also tubercucidal. Well, you certainly don't want any tb lurking on your keyboard.
Especially since it looks like Nutmeg may not get a flu shot. She only turned 6 months Monday, and when I called her doctor's office last week, they said they wouldn't give her the shot unless it was a full six months after the day she was born. They were having their last flu shot clinic Thursday, if supplies lasted. So of course when I called on Wednesday, they were out and the clinic was cancelled. Anyone who's been following the news knows that there is another shipment of shots coming that my clinic hopes it will get, but they really don't know at this point. I'm not sure if I could go to another doctor that's not out and maybe pay out of pocket for the shot, or what. Guess I should call around. At Kaiser they said they were asking parents to forgo the shots for stay-at-home babies, but I would really like her to have it before getting on an airplane to go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know, I know, we didn't even have flu shots when we were babies and we came through ok. But actually, some of didn't come through ok, and aren't around to pooh-pooh it now.
Nutmeg was supposed to go to a babies' Halloween party at Day One Center last night, but she slept through it, so we skipped it. Today we put her in her monkey suit for a little Halloween festival/rummage sale at the New School, a preschool in Berkeley. She is soooo cute in it. The tail is especially rad. I will have to figure out how to link a photo to this blog when we get the pics up. Tomorrow, of course, is the big day. We're meeting up with at least four other sets of parents and babies in Cole Valley, where they block off the street for little ones to show off costumes.
Nutmeg is a smidge closer to crawling. She is starting to cover some ground when she walks her hands to one side or the other. And last night, she was playing on the living room floor when I looked away for a moment. When I looked back, she was kneeling upright, like you would kneel in church, clutching the handle of her toy basket. I called Daddy into the room and when she saw us get excited, she started bouncing and vocalizing and all-around rocking out. Of course, by the time I managed to get the video camera on, she was done doing that, but I did catch a moment of her upright pose on camera. She can now stand holding onto the couch or her crib rails, but only if we put her that way. She can't quite pull herself onto her feet yet. But it's coming, oh yeah.

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