Thursday, October 28, 2004

Work tomorrow! Oh no! I'm glad I'm going back on Friday, so I don't have to dread a whole week, just one day and then fun fun Halloween weekend. Grandma sent Nutmeg a new monkey head, which fits, and Daddy sat up last night altering her costume (stitching by hand because despite his repeated entreaties, i will not buy us a sewing machine). Daddy gets to take her to the baby halloween party at Day One Center tomorrow afternoon, while I work. Sob. Well, if they are having a good time I may go by after work. Don't worry, family, there will be lots of video and photos taken this weekend. For the actual Halloween day/night, we are heading to Cole Valley with a bunch of other parents of babies. That's the neighborhood in the city where the street is blocked off and lots of kids are showing off their costumes.

Not only am I jealous of Erik taking Nutmeg to the party (altho i'm also really happy to have them doing such a fun thing together) I am actually bummed that I can't go to the new neighborhood Safeway on the day of its grand opening to collect the freebies they'll be giving out. Have I morphed into a housewife or what??? So I have ordered Daddy to go in my place, but i don't know if he will.

Nutmeg's asleep in the Bjorn on my chest. We have been working on not nursing between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., because those are the hours shewill be at Kay's house on Wednesdays. She's doing pretty good. It's hard for her to take her nap without nursing, but putting her in the Bjorn does pretty well. I'm hoping that she will fall asleep in the car on the way to Kay's so Kay doesn't have to deal with trying to get her to sleep. And when Nutmeg wakes up I feed her banana or cereal, and that definitely helps tide her over. Hope little Eliot, Kay's baby, lets his mommy have enough free time and hands to feed Nutmeg.

Had a couple dreams this week involving Nutmeg and her care, so yeah, i'm a little nervous. I know i am so priveledged, however, to be only facing this at 6 months and not at 6 weeks, and that Nutmeg is going to be cared for by us 6-1/2 days a week.

We got an extra bunch of bananas from the produce delivery service this week so I put em in the blender and poured the puree into ice cube trays for future individual baby meals. Yes, you may address me as domestic godess.

Oh, for any family reading who are wondering, what on earth do Erik and Carrie need for Christmas? funny you should ask, because Kohl's (at least the ones out here) has a sale on Samsonite luggage and the bags in red look very nice. Sadly, our luggage that we received upon graduation from college is pretty much worn out (can't figure out why, we only circled the globe once and criss-crossed from California to Wisconsin about 50 times) and the warranty is over, according to the SAmsonite web site.

ok, guess i better go put Nutmeg down and go back to wondering what to wear to work tomorrow, um, i mean, cleaning the bathroom.

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Aussie Mama said...

The morph to housewife is a long and difficult trip. We only know we've morphed when all the house, kids and school stuff runs without a hitch. Which is never in my case.