Monday, October 11, 2004

Things the amazing Nutmeg is doing these days:

-- singing along to music! really. this weekend we put the Nut down in her crib with a lullaby cd playing and we heard her following along to Fur Elise with her voice. she wasn't on pitch or anything but when the music went up her voice went up, etc. we're sending in her application to Julliard, or however you spell it, this week.

-- looking at books. in the past Nutmeg has enjoyed picking up books and putting their edges in her mouth. now she is learning to turn the pages of the stiff board books and will sit and look at a picture on the page if it is interesting enough. when she looks at one with big baby faces in it, she'll coo while she looks. sigh.

-- trying to scoot. she can move her upper body quite well, walking with her hands. but she can't get her tummy going. so her mobility is mostly limited to rotating, although she has managed to pull herself forward or back a centimeter or two.

-- talking to strangers. when we went to alcatraz last week, Nutmeg would reach out her arms to any woman who caught her eye and hold forth: "ah, ah, ah!" this produced much rejoicing by the objects of her interest.

-- sitting in high chairs, baby swings and the shopping cart

-- hugging and kissing mommy and daddy. her kisses are big open-mouthed affairs, but that seems like what she's trying to do.

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