Monday, November 01, 2004

Nutmeg's first Halloween! As planned, we put her monkey costume on her at around 4:30 and headed out to cole valley, a lovely neighborhood about midtown where a lot of families live and they block off a long street for trick or treating. most of the houses along the street are decorated. one place was even showing classic monster movies on a piece of white cloth suspended over their front yard. very neat.

Nutmeg didn't protest too much at wearing the monkey suit, which with our alterations (it was too big) looked adorable on her. the tail especially is great, very stiff with a nice curl. we tried to take the N Judah light rail to Cole Valley, but after waiting about 10 minutes for one and seeing the electric signs at the Muni station listing all the other trains but no N Judah, we gave up waiting and took another train to castro street, where the police and sheriffs where just setting up security for the night's celebration there. i was wearing a monkey head that matched nutmeg's and some towels wrapped around my shoulders and torso. i was supposed to be the cloth monkey mama. i realized something about halloween costumes. remember on friends when ross dressed as spud-nick by combining a potato costume with some satellite gear? everyone thought he came dressed as doody. he kept having to explain his costume. know what? you shouldn't have to explain your costume. it's a pain. dress up as dracula or condoleeza rice or whatever, but make it someone people have heard of or don't bother.
anyway, erik looked at the map and thought that walking from castro street to cole valley wouldn't be any farther than it had been walking from our house to the subway. and maybe that's true. except that it involved walking over a HUGE ass hill. of course, we were already running late when we got to the subway, so as we struggled up the hill with the stroller, we were becoming later and later. and i hadn't taken the time to input our friends dave and alli's numbers into my cell phone, and of course they were the ones we were supposed to be meeting first. we were supposed to meet at a bakery in cole valley at 5; when we got there it was probably nearly 6. but they were happily chatting away with their other friends, who have a 5 month old and live in the richmond. we brought all our babies inside and got a bite to eat, took a million pictures indoors where it was light, and then walked down the trick or treating street. so many cute costumes. nutmeg had a good time "chatting" with alli and dave's hayden, who is almost 8 months old. she'd give him some of her boisterous yells and other noises, then he'd very quietly make a little speech with some of his more advanced consonant noises. then she'd reach over and affectionately hit him on the arm. the cutest thing was that when Hayden talked, Nutmeg smiled and listened.
just another of her many boyfriends.
we got the n judah back just as a lot of people were using it to head to the castro. it felt funny to be going home just as most people were going out. now it's 10:30 and daddy and nutmeg are sound asleep. i would have liked to have gone to the castro afterwards, but the software company down there that often has a party overlooking the street didn't invite us this year. and of course we wouldn't want to go walking among the street mob on castro with a baby stroller -- too crowded and she might get hurt. still, i'm kind of bummed to be turning in at 10:30 on halloween night. it's kinda like janis joplin's saturday night swindle.
oh well, tomorrow's monday, my new favorite day, cause bert and me go climbing at 12:30 and then out for coffee and a treat, and then erik and i will take nutmeg to the baby brigade movie in oakland. shaun of the dead is playing.

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