Saturday, October 02, 2004

Nutmeg has entered the full bloom of babyhood. She sits with confidence, rolls both ways, I've seen her holding her pacifier with just a forefinger and thumb. Even better, her personality is coming out, and we LIKE her. She is sunny and likes to laugh. When riding in her stroller, she likes to lift her head as far forward as possible to get a look at things going by. We're going to have to get a forward-facing stroller for her instead of the car-seat carrier we use now. I might try for a second-hand jogging stroller to help poor Daddy in his quest for weight-loss.

We went to a cafe for breakfast this morning and a mom was there with a 10-week-old baby and, I think, grandma. The grandma pointed out Nutmeg and told the mom, just think, in a few months he'll be like that. She is such a star everywhere we go. We took her to a bar with friends last night and one girl asked if we got tired of hearing how cute she was. As if!

I went out for an activity and lunch with another mommy this week :) Wendy and little Max drove over from the East Bay and we went to the SF Public Library book sale and then had lunch at Green's. It was really fun. Next week my brother is coming to stay so that should be nonstop fun. Daddy and I are sticking close to home this weekend to get a few things done so we will be free to enjoy ourselves when Uncle Kenny comes to town.

I interviewed the founder of Hypnobirthing, the most popular hypnosis for childbirth program, yesterday. The more interviews I do for the article I'm writing about the hypnosis for childbirth experience, the better I feel about my own experience. Unlike the founder of the program I used, Hypnobabies, most teachers do not promise pain-free, drug-free childbirth. Both the other teachers I talked to considered my experience a success; after all I stayed calm throughout and was able to get pretty far through labor without drugs and without too much distress. Next time I have a baby though, I am even more determined to avoid getting an epidural. I really feel that Nutmeg's entrance to the world would have been faster and easier if I just could have gone without.

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Jason said...

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Jason Stracner