Friday, October 22, 2004

Hey, anyone with an unhealthy interest in fiction in progress can check out my new writing blog,, where i have posted my 23-pages-so-far-single-spaced novel. i'm working on grad school apps, so yeah, i guess i need feedback that might help me in revising.

those who know me and my family should note that the story posted there is not autobiographical, although it describes places i have lived. it was inspired by something my mother wrote in a beautiful "from mother to daughter" journal she gave me when I got married. that said, the main character is not actually my mother.

now you're intrigued, huh?

Nutmeg ate more banana today and liked it. she says "mmm, mmm" when she wants to nurse. and tomorrow's the "holy mother of twins sale!" that is, the big sale of second-hand baby gear put on by the local mother of twins club. i'm going with a couple of mama girlfriends, and yeah, we're jazzed. nutmeg is in need of stage 2 gear: a forward facing stroller and a backpack (for us to carry her, not for her to wear) are the main things.

oh, and nutmeg's halloween costume arrived in the mail, lovingly made by grandma. it is the cutest monkey costume you have ever seen, with a gnarly little tail. sadly, it is way too big. but daddy is trying to fix that. daddy and i didn't get it together to get costumes for ourselves, but who cares about us? i joked that since nutmeg is a monkey, i should go dressed as "wire monkey mamma." for those not well versed in sick laboratory experiments of yore, wire monkey mama was devised by university of wisconsin researcher harry harlowe to test how parenting affects baby monkeys. he found that given a choice between a fake mom made of wire and a fake mom made of pillows, baby monkey would choose the soft mom, even if the wire mom was the only one giving milk. to us nursing moms, this research is actually a validation that our babies love us as something other than the chuck wagon. the saddest part of harlowe's research, i thought, was actually a later experiment he did, when he showed that the "worse" mom a baby monkey had, the harder he tried to cling to that mom. when the fake mom incorporated spikes and bursts of air designed to push baby off, baby clung that much harder. you can read more about this in my dad's cousin's fascinating book, "Love at Goon Park." Dad's cousin, the author, is Deborah Blum. plug plug.

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Woo hoo! I love reading good writing!