Thursday, October 21, 2004

Big week for all of us. Daddy's been home "practicing" taking care of Nutmeg because he needs to take a full week off to kick off his family leave claim, and they're too busy at work for the next two weeks to let him take the full week off then. I'm going back to work a week from tomorrow, on the same old software beat, working Tuesday, Wednesday morning, and Friday. I've been taking advantage of the Daddy time to do some writing this week, because I'm finally getting it together and applying for some creative writing master's programs. I even signed up to take the GRE in Chicago when we're home for Christmas. We're planning to visit our buds Mike and Kori while we're down there. I'm on page 23, single spaced, of my novel, which I'm planning on submitting as my writing sample. I might also submit a short story or two. For the school I want to apply to, there's a 100 page limit, but I don't know if that means double or single spaced.

Anyway, back to Nutmeg. She started eating solids today! Daddy mashed a little organic banana for her until very liquidy, and she ate it off Daddy's finger, and then he put some on her booster chair tray and she got it on her hands and licked it off them. She seemed to really like it. I bought some organic, whole-grain rice cereal at Whole Foods today, so after a few days of banana, she can try some of that with breast milk next week.

I got my hair cut at the beauty school around the corner today. What a mistake! It only cost $15, but it took two friggin hours, and it doesn't even look very good. I might end up going to our regular guy anyway, so there's 2 hours and $20 (including tip) down the drain.

Nutmeg had a play date today with Roxie, my friend Miriam's new 2-year-old. Roxie was adopted from Guatemala. She is soooo cute. After just two months with Miriam she is very attatched to her and calls her Mama and clings to her just like any 2-year-old might, and yet is not too clingy. She actually seems quite confident and bright.

Oh, also Nutmeg went to a drop in play session at a child development place called Parents Place on Tuesday. It was really fun for her. They had a lot of age-appropriate toys for her and there were other babies the same age and a few that were older. She loved watching the other kids play. At the end the teacher led us in a few songs, which Nutmeg liked. The place teaches a music/dance class for babies called Boogie to the Bitty Beat, on Tuesdays, so I'm signing her and her Daddy up for it.

Finally, on a sad note, Grandma and Grandpa's dear friend Mel passed away after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. Mel and his wife Sallie helped Daddy and I back a few years ago, when we were moving home from China and they were visiting China. They agreed to bring a heavy suitcase home for us, but it ended up being a big pain for them because it exceeded their weight limit and they had to ship it to Shanghai, their second stop, and then they even had to go to the airport in Shanghai to fetch it. They were so good natured about the whole thing. Mel was a wonderful person who shared our spirit of adventure, and so it was always nice to talk to him when I met him at union events, and most recently, my dad's retirement party. That was just last year, when I was pregnant, and it's breathtaking to think that illness and death can descend so swiftly. He was the same age as my mom.

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