Tuesday, September 14, 2004

We're back from Wisconsin. We had to borrow a bigger suitcase to haul back all of Nutmeg's loot. I now realize why people have babies: The community tricks you into it by giving you everything you need -- and so, so much more -- in the first year. When the second year begins and you actually have to purchase something for your own child, the buyer's remorse sets in. Or the birther's remorse, as it were.

Speaking of which, congratulations to Keith and Kay, the proud new parents of little Eliot. All is good with them and we're hoping to meet the little guy asap. For one thing, Nutmeg wants to race him while she's still got the advantage of size over him. Now I have 2 mom buddies convalescing from their births, who will hopefully hang out with Nutmeg and me soon.

Anyway, Nutmeg was a hit at home. She is in such a cute age. She grabs everything, including people's faces and her own reflection in the mirror. She coos, trills and has said a couple of consonents. She gets all excited and laughs when people play with her.

Nutmeg had her Pack-tism last night, wearing one of several GBP cheerleader outfits she now owns for Monday Night Football here at home. A Wisconsin friend came over and the Pack kicked ass. Nutmeg actually seemed excited. When Daddy came home, she let loose a big, spontaneous laugh. That's the biggest welcome she's ever given him.

On the downside, the boss at work says I can't work evenings as a copy editor like I had wanted to when I come back. He wants me to share my old beat with another part-time reporter, and come in 2 to 3 full days a week. A feeling of dread has settled on me as I imagine going back to my old beat, talking to flaks and attending trade shows. I just so don't miss corporate BS. I pitched the boss the idea of me writing a consumer column instead, which I think way more people would actually read. I don't think he'll go for it tho. He's a really nice boss, but I don't think that fits his idea of what he needs for his section right now. Well, we'll see. I'm actually adjusting to the idea of working a couple days a week. In a way, it will be easier than working every evening like I had wanted to. I realize that Erik can stretch out his paternity leave through February or March by taking it a couple days per week. And also, if I don't love my job, well, that'll make it an easier decision if we don't end up staying the Bay Area much longer. Any Chron people reading this, you didn't see that.

I was just about to go out to the park with the Nutterbutter after writing this, but of course she fell asleep in the Baby Bjorn. This thing is incredible. A swing can't compare. So I guess I'm staying home to get a few things done. It's 70 degrees out and sunny, tho.

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