Sunday, September 19, 2004

It's Sunday morning and Nutmeg is suited up for the Packer's home opener in her little cheerleader outfit. You may ask me, what is the most exciting part about a weekend in San Francisco, aside from the Packer game? I'll tell you: There was a coupon in this morning's Chronicle for $5 off Huggies at Toys R Us. AND I can combine it with the $2 off coupons that my mom got from her hospital. Whoo-hoo! I'm literally giddy.

But the main news is that Nutmeg had a sitter last night and both she and the sitters came through it unscathed. Their rug was a little scathed, but we all know that every major action will have its casualties.

We were nervous about this babysitting engagement for quite awhile, not just because it would be Nutmeg's first time alone with anyone besides her grandparents, but because she has been refusing to take a bottle for the last month or so. We've given her lots of bottles of my hard-earned milk, and she's put the nipple in her mouth, chewed on it, played around with it, spilled it drop by drop onto the couch, basically she's done everything but drink it. If you try to tip it back and feed it to her, she starts crying. So we were stumped about what we should do for this wedding; just attend the ceremony and skip the reception, or what.

As it turned out, the wedding was only 4 miles from Beegs and Sass's lovely new house in Rockridge. So we brought Nutmeg over and nursed her, left at 4:50, managed to get into our seats before the processional began. I called at about 6:45 during the cocktail hour and Beegs proudly reported that Nutmeg was sleeping after playing for awhile, then "getting really mad." They had successfully distracted her from her anger with such diversions as a shiny pocket watch, until she fell asleep in her car seat. They called me when she woke up because "she (was) getting mad again" at about 7 p.m. We had just located and sat at our table for dinner. I drove back, fed Nutmeg, and was back at the table before we got our turn at the buffet. How about that for flawless timing? The other people at our table, quite hungry as we were the last one to go up, groused that Nutmeg got to eat before they did. And Beegs and Sass seemed happy enough when Nutmeg went home around 10:15 that they will probably sit for her again sometime. Yay :)

OK, we're back from the Packers game -- they lost -- and I have another frugal mom score to report. When Nutmeg visited Hollie and her 2 kids, Robbie and Katie, 2 weeks ago, she tried our their activity saucer and found it quite exciting. So even though these things -- they're like walkers but stationary, the baby sits in them -- take up more floor space than we have to spare, I decided the Nut had to have one. I browsed Craigslist and the Berkeley Parents Network and found that someone was going to be selling one at a rummage sale today. The sale was 7 miles away, the maximum amount of distance anything can be from anything else in the city of San Francisco, but I wanted that Excersaucer, as they're called. They were advertising a new one in the Toys R Us flyer on sale for $55, so either way I figured she'd get one this week. I left the Packer game at halftime with a sleeping cheerleader in tow and drove across town to the sale. As I drove past, I could see it from the car -- the Excersaucer! I was happy they hadn't sold it yet. I browsed all their stuff, pretending only a passing interest in the saucer, which looked perfect and new, with the manual sitting in the seat. I looked through their son's outgrown clothes and picked up one of those satiny baby hangers. Then I went in for the kill.
They wanted $15 for it. Their baby only went in it a couple times, and didn't like it. I paid them the $15 and drove off, quaking with bargain joy, because other people were selling these things used for $30 and even $40. No, I didn't forget Nutmeg. Yet when I was halfway back to my own side of town, someone in an SUV beeped at me. "There's a bag on your car!" the guy shouted. I pulled over, and there was my purse, on its side, open, my wallet just inside the opening. If that guy hadn't said anything, surely my wallet would have been gone on the next turn. As it is, I must have been driving very gently -- Nutmeg was asleep in her carseat -- because everything, including my cell phone, a few loose bills, and some precious Huggies coupons, was still in my purse.

Now Daddy's playing with Nutmeg after spending the afternoon finishing off her nursery shelves (hey, maybe by the time she's 6 months old her side of the room will finally be finished) and painting the inside of our unit's brand new front door. So this is the perfect wind down to a nice weekend for Mommy.

Tune in next time to hear about why I -- an educated woman! -- love Oprah, and, it is to be hoped, for a description of my first outing with another mommy. Oh yeah, and for a blow by blow of Nutmeg's 4-month doctor's appointment.

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