Sunday, September 05, 2004

I'm reporting from Walker, Minn., population 1,000 something. Nutmeg did pretty well on her flights here. She was awake for about an hour on the long flight from San Francisco to Minneapolis, and she fussed for some of it. She likes to be up and walked around or down on the floor sitting up a lot these days. Although sitting usually turns into rolling down onto the floor after a minute or so.

She experienced her first thunderstorm last night, and didn't wake up during the thunder, although she woke up a lot later in the night. Daddy did me that always-appreciated favor of taking her out of the room when she woke up for good at 7 a.m. so Mommy could get a couple hours of uninterupted shut-eye.

And best of all, Nutmeg met her Aunt Nicole and Uncle Jim. She got presents, too -- a big educational frog named Tad who sings songs, and a darling camoflage fleece suit for those cold north woods nights.

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