Thursday, August 26, 2004

We let our bottle-feeding practice with Nutmeg slip, with punishing consequences. Tuesday night I tried to go out without the shorty to a comedy show in Oakland. The plan was for me to drop her off with Daddy in Hayward, where he was playing board games at work, and he was supposed to give her a bottle and let her sleep away the evening in her carrier. Well, that didn't work out because we didn't get to Hayward in time to take BART back to Lake Merritt and still see the show in time. Daddy kindly volunteered to drive us to the show and then just go home with Nutmeg. She fell asleep in her car seat on the way to the show, and I went in thinking Daddy was in for a peaceful drive and a quiet evening at home. It was already 9 p.m. so I didn't think Nutmeg would even wake up for the bottle.

Instead, she woke up in the car. Driving alone with the Nut in the backseat is challenging no matter who's driving. Then when they got home, she screamed when Daddy tried to give her the warmed up bottle. Then later she finally consented to take it, and she put one of her little hands on it. Daddy tried to put her other hand on it to see if she could support it, and the nipple slipped out of her mouth. More screaming. According to Daddy, much more screaming. After that, she tried to get the nipple back in her mouth but had trouble latching onto it. Screaming.

I got home at about 11:45, figuring the house would be dark and quiet. Instead, Daddy was awake, trying to decompress after two and a half hours of hell. Nutmeg was sleeping, exhausted.

This is bad, because how are we going to leave her with friends who have offered to babysit if she can't even cope with being alone with Daddy? And poor Daddy is heartbroken when it seems like his daugher is rejecting his efforts. I have so much fun with her all day while he works, and then when he gets his chance everything falls to pieces.

So we're back to making sure he gives her 2 bottles a week. We have until Sept. 18, when we are giong to a wedding and she's staying with Beegs and Sass, to make this work.

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