Monday, August 30, 2004

Maxwell has arrived, finally! We visited Wendy, Nathan and little Max in the hospital yesterday and they are doing great after a marathan effort to bring the little guy into the world. We're very proud of Wendy and also really happy to have more friends in the baby club.

And Nutmeg, Nutmeg, Nutmeg. Our little girl had one of those breakthrough days this weekend. We helped Beegs and Sass move into an adorable house in Rockridge, and while Beegs and I were packing in her bedroom, Nutmeg rolled all the way over, on a towel on the floor. Back to tummy. She did it again at the new house, on the carpeting. Luckily, we just bought a big shag rug for the living room, so she can work on her new skill all she wants, instead of waiting until Mommy can supervise her on the bed as before. The same day, the Nut sat up propped on her arms for the first time, although only for a few seconds. She did this some more today, and she loves looking around at her new perspective as she does it. Now she wants to be put down a lot, when before she was happiest in our arms. But this morning after getting frustrated with tummy time because she couldn't scoot forward to get to Daddy, she was very happy to cuddle up in my lap again. She reminds me of the little monkeys in the book "Love at Goon Park," written by a relative of ours. The University of Wisconsin psychologist in the book found out all kinds of things about baby monkeys, like the fact that they will explore more courageously if they know they have a loving mama to run back to.

Nutmeg is always reaching out for things now. It's exciting and scary. At Beegs' house I stood her up on the bathroom counter in front of the mirror but instead of being fixated solely on the mirror, she turned her attention to some grocery bags full of stuff and reached in to touch the blow dryers, shampoo, etc. inside them and feel the sides of the bag. She wants to grab dishes and cups at the table too. She tried to grab Daddy's cereal spoon recently, so we gave her a plastic spoon to play with.

This is going to be a crazy busy week. Today there's a presentation at the Chron i was going to go to, just one hour from now. Tonight there's baby brigade, Spiderman 2. Tomorrow lunch with my boss to talk about my part-time schedule. Thursday Nutmeg's 4 month doctor's appointment, and Saturday morning we leave for the midwest. Our house is still partly taken apart because we had to move all the living room furniture to put the new rug in. And Jack is coming over some night this week to learn how to make a web site. Lawd a mighty. At some point during all this i have to pack.

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Kori said...

Pack, schmack. As my dad always says, "what you forget you can buy at Kohl's on sale---there's always a sale at Kohl's."

Good luck, chica!