Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Let's start with a shout-out to Wendy, who is now 11 days post-date. Hang in there, chica.

Why, oh why don't they have a Target in Emeryville, or anywhere in the East Bay near San Francisco? They would get so much traffic from San Francisco, people here are the TARGET Target audience -- too affluent and too liberal to shop at Wal-Mart. I can understand not having one in The City -- most people don't want big box stores in the 7x7 hallowed ground zone. Anyway, I was looking at the Target flyer while breastfeeding yesterday and saw that tons of stuff we need right now is on sale. Especially a bunch of clear storage containers, which I want for the closet/storage room reorganization we're in the midst of. Since we were going to Oakland for the Baby Brigade last night ("Anchorman." Pretty funny.) I thought there *must* be some East Bay Target we can go to afterwards. According to Target.com, the nearest one is a 15-minute drive north, in El Ceritto. After the movie, Erik and I just felt crazy enough to drive up there for a quick Target run. We get there with about 1/2 an hour till the store closes and seek out the on-sale items: Pampers. Toilet paper. Storage containers. Guess what? The shelves where these items once were look like the aftermath of a scene in Jurassic Park. Totally ransacked, with dismembered bits of products littered here and there. I was so frustrated! We ended up grabbing a few storage boxes that weren't on sale, grr, and a few other things we needed, before the announcement came on that the store was closing.

So I still need to go to Target, and we wasted a ton of gas going on an unsuccessful run. If Erik goes after work that means he gets home even later and maybe Nutmeg will be asleep when he gets there. But must take advantage of Huggies sale. They're the diapers that leak the least so far, I think. Target diapers, to my great disappointment, let more slip by them than the Cubs infield did when they played at Pac Bell Park this year. Other women on my iVillage board also complained about Target diapers. For the record, Safeway brand diapers are also no good. I wasn't too crazy about Luvs either.

Speaking of iVillage, apparently there's a scammer on my board. I remember way back last fall this woman posted saying that her DH (board speak for "dear husband") died in a car accident, and a few days later that she lost her baby. I remember thinking there was something odd about the post. So apparently over the last year she was sobbing about all kinds of troubles she was having on the board and people were sending her money through PayPal. You guessed it, now it turns out she's a fake. People caught on, I think, when she was posting ultrasounds, supposedly of twins she's now pregnant with from her late husband, and they turned out to be ultrasounds she found on the Web somewhere. This is the second person who's gotten caught on this board alone pretending to be pregnant using borrowed images. But this is the only one who actually scammed people. The other was just some wierdo.

One little update on Nutmeg: She is becoming a viruoso in the upper register. She coverses with us in a funny little soprano coo, it's like, her preferred sound now. And when she cries she likes to screech using that same pitch.

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