Monday, August 23, 2004

It's one of those days when it seems like Nutmeg matured overnight. She has now realized that, like the very best video games, all the objects in her world are interactive. They can be picked up, and in the case of newspaper, crumbled and torn. This is of course a dangerous warning sign for us parents to hurry up with the baby proofing, but instead I choose to see it as a charming sign of my child's burgeoning genius. Today she leaned over my arm in the rocking chair to check out the objects on the little table next to it: Two newspapers and a bright yellow copy of "Investing for Dummies." After she knocked the papers on the floor and tired of grinning at the colorful book, I prolonged the magic by stacking bunches of her toys on the table. She'd lean over and try to grab the rattle, the blocks, the Whoozit. Unfortunately most of them fell on the floor as she tried to grasp them, but it was still good fun.

I got hit on yesterday! With the baby! Wow, I was so thrilled, although I acted cool with a touch of annoyance so as not to encourage the guy. Here's what happened: I brought Nutmeg along rock climbing with Beegs and Jack, and afterwards we went out for pizza in Berkeley along with Adam. I carried Nutmeg into the pizza place, but she fell asleep in my arms before our pizza arrived. So I took her back to the car to get the stroller. While I was putting her in it, this guy came along, carrying a motorcycle helmet, and asked how many I had. "Just this one! That's enough!" I said. I'm used to strangers coming up and talking to me now that I have a baby. But this one kept going: "You're a beautiful mother," he says. I concentrate extra hard on strapping Nutmeg in as I thank him. Then, just as he's about to walk over to his motorcycle and drive away, he ventures, "You still married?"

Heehee. I love it.

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