Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The babies are coming out like ... like drunken gay teenagers? Let's just say the baby boom of 2004 has begun. On my best friend Hollie's birthday, Heather out in DC had hers. Today, which is Kay's birthday, Karen here in the Bay Area was scheduled for a c section, so I assume she's a mommy by now. Wendy is by all reports ready to go at any moment; Friday is her due date.

We took Nutmeg to Baby Brigade at the Parkway again tonight. It's so much fun to see all the little babies. Last night she went to her first baseball game. She got fussy as the Cubs started to lose, and by the end, with a final score of 6-3, she was bawling. She cried all the way home. So did I.

Nutmeg tore the newspaper today as I was reading it. She's getting that dexterous with those little hands. She now thinks nothing of pulling her bippy out of her mouth and holding it in her hand, although she has trouble putting it back in because she can't really figure out which way to point it and often tries to put the plastic end in her mouth. She now enjoys a lot of her toys -- the little clutch toys that amount to a duckie or bunny head with a little soft blanky attatched, the Whoosit, this cool ball made of many narrow plastic bands, which she can grab all over and gum. Then again she's just about as happy playing with a burp cloth or her own clothing. She just wants to hold and feel things. It's great and so much fun.

She's also laughed on two different occasions now. The only time I heard it myself, she quickly turned serious because she heard Mommy crying. Yep, that's how moved I was by the sound of my little one's laugh. At this rate, I'll have to be committed when she goes off to college.

The Nut's also scooting a lot more now. In her pack n play, she's rotate herself 90 degrees or so while sleeping. In bed between us, she seems to gravitate toward Daddy.

We're off to Portland this weekend to introduce Nutmeg to a bunch of our old Beijing pals who will be there. Then a couple weeks later it's off to Minnesota and Wisconsin to meet tons of relatives. As usual, our schedule there is already filling up nearly a month in advance. I'm still working on slicing and dicing the week to make sure everyone gets their fair share of Nutmeg time.

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