Monday, July 12, 2004

We took Nutmeg to the Baby Brigade at the Parkway Theater in Oakland tonight. Every Monday night they show two movies for parents with babies. Nutmeg was very good and only cried twice, both times just a mouthful. She nursed through about half the movie -- Supersize Me. I think she's on another growth spurt. I'm glad it's happening now instead of when we're in Hawaii.

Yesterday we took her to 3 social events: a brunch, a baby shower and a barbecue. In the car on the way to the first one she was smiling and "talking" with me, and I thought great, she's in a great mood. When we got to the house, in Berkeley, I put on the bonnet her Grandma P made her. As we came up the porch the hostess asked to hold Nutmeg, and I handed her over. She promptly started howling, LOUD. I felt bad for the poor hostess, who loves babies. I took her into a bedroom and nursed her and changed her, and when I finally went back out to the party she fell asleep in my arms, so she wasn't much of a hit at that one. But when she woke up at the baby shower she charmed everyone, and also at the barbecue. We stayed until 10 p.m. The other baby people left at 7, saying it was already past their kid's bedtime. They seemed shocked when I told them Nutmeg goes to bed at 9:30. Actually, tonight she just fell asleep at 10:30, but she slept through part of the movie, too.

She looks so absolutely angelic asleep in her Pack N Play next to the bed. Her eyelashes are so long they seem fake and her skin just glows. It's getting more and more fun to spend the day with her, because of all the chattering she does, and because she's starting to enjoy hearing songs more, and playing with toys.

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