Friday, July 09, 2004

Nutmeg is cuddling with her daddy while watching a pirated Harry Potter movie on his computer, so it's relaxing time for Mommy. Actually the last couple of days have been pretty easy, because she's been sleeping more during the day. Today she took two naps of 3+ hours each, which wasn't much of a surprise because she only slept from 10 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. last night.

I was actually looking forward to her waking up, because she is getting to be so much fun to play with. Once again today, she figured out how to work a toy that I hadn't been able to figure out. It was this big smiling star that lights up and plays music, at the top of her baby gym. It has a motion detector setting, but I couldn't get it to move with any motion of my hand. But I put it on that setting for awhile today to see if anything would happen, and Nutmeg somehow got it going. Unfortunately after the music and lights ended, she kept squirming and making little exclamations, but she couldn't get it to start again.

For the last few days she has been batting the rattle that hangs down from the baby gym with her hand. Today she not only got some real good hits in, she grabbed it with one hand and moved it as far as the string would let it go! I was amazed. She also loves her mobile, and her Aquarium Wonders bouncy chair, AND the aquarium wonders swing. and the Lamaze Whoozit toy is a big hit.

She wore her ducky overalls today, one of my favorite outfits. But when her daddy came home and changed her diaper, he pointed out that the legs are getting quite short on her and that it's getting hard to get her legs out to change her. I now have a big basket in the bedroom for outgrown clothes.

I took Nutmeg to the Chronicle yesterday to see Larry Flynt speak. Everyone thought it was pretty funny that I brought my daughter in to see a pornographer. I think I met his wife in the bathroom just before his talk began. I had gone in there thinking maybe I would feed Nutmeg for a couple minutes to make sure she stayed quiet during the talk. Just as I was heading toward the bathroom, I practically ran into Larry Flynt coming in in his wheelchair, with a little entourage around him. Larry was pretty much the only person I've ever come across who didn't even look at Nutmeg. His neck seems very stiff, as if he can only look straight ahead. In the bathroom, there was a woman in there who went nuts over Nutmeg. She kept saying, "I didn't expect this!" I told her I had come in to see Larry Flynt, then joked that it wasn't the most appropriate subject matter for a little girl. The woman didn't say much after that. I wondered if it was his wife, because she was holding her purse, and I figured someone who worked here may not have brought her purse down to the talk. But this woman was middle aged and ordinary looking, not someone like Courtney Love who played his wife in the movie, the one who died. Then in the paper the next day I read that he WAS accompanied by his wife, and I didn't see any unfamiliar woman come into the conference room with him, so I'm betting that was her. I may have offended her by saying that her husband's talk wasn't appropriate subject matter. Actually not much of the talk was about porn, it was mostly about the First Amendment and his checkbook journalim. But still.

Grandma P. e-mailed yesterday with tragic news. Nutmeg's first cousin, twice removed, a little preemie twin born two weeks ago, has no brian activity and the doctors have suggested taking her off life support. I'm getting teary again just writing about it. I was especially worried that I had already sent the mother baby gifts for both twins. It's the girl who's dying; the boy is doing well.

Daddy just brought Nutmeg in and lay her down in the Pack N Play. She's in one of her 3-6 sleepers with red and pink roses on it, and she looks beautiful. It's 9:30; she's pretty much decided that that's her bedtime. All the other parents we meet are so jealous over how well she sleeps. It's probably just the way she is, but I would like to give co-sleeping some credit too. If she does start to wiggle or make noise at night, it's so easy just to cuddle her up to my breast and it usually calms her right down. These days she's sleeping more than half the night in her Pack N Play, and coming into bed after she eats sometime between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.

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