Thursday, July 15, 2004

everyone keeps asking me: what do you do all day? so here's the timetable today, although it's not a typical day since i got to sleep late and because nutmeg is still in her growh spurt nursing madness.

4:00 nutmeg wakes up and i lean over to get her out of the pck n play. instead of the 15-minute or so night nursing i've gotten used to, nurses for 45 minutes. when she falls asleep i put her back in the pack n play & she sleeps there all night -- a 1st, except for camping.
usually i switch her to our bed after feeding. i think that since she is sleeping so well in basinette i do want it in hawaii.

7:30 nutmeg wakes me up, all bright eyes and smiles. daddy is already outof bed. so tired -- didn't sleep much night before and stll trying to catch up. nurse her and then ask daddy to take her out for a walk so i can sleep more. he agrees but first talks with her in bed and insists on changing her in the bedroom, instead of in living room, as i request. after they leave, fall back into the sleep of the dead.

9:15: Daddy wakes me up to say he needs to go to work. Wow! What a great sleep. I was dreaming like crazy, the way you do when you're sleep deprived. Nurse Nutmeg while reading the Chronicle and drinking coffee, cooled off with milk. Just started drinking coffee again yesterday, and I don't THINK it's bothering her although not sure yet.

9:45 surround Nutmeg with pillows on couch and get some cereal for breakfast. Put Nutmeg on my knees facing me while I eat, and chat with her. She's all smiles.

10:15 Nurse more, then read paper as she sleeps against me.

10:45 Cautiously move sleeping Nutmeg to crib. she stays asleep. Jubilantly hit the shower, already planning all the things I'll get done if she sleeps for 3 or 4 hours like she should.

11:00 get out of shower and check Nutmeg. She's awake but calm in crib, sucking on her hand. What a big girl! Quickly get dressed as Nutmeg's vocalizations indicate that she'll get mad soon if she's not kept company.

11:05: get Nutmeg up and see that diaper has leaked through to clothes. bathtime. she cries when first put in the water but with a bunch of splashing and caressing with the washcloth, and a big smile, i convince her that this is fun. she smiles the rest of the bath, and doesn't even complain much when transferred from tub to towel, a time when she often howls. Get her dressed in cute pink and white outfit from Tom's baby.

11:30 Watch Who Wants to Be a Millionaire while nursing again. Then Nutmeg sits up and watches with me. She loves watching television already, much to Daddy's chagrin. I think it's just the colorful light.

11:45 Manage to dry and comb hair during commercial, with Nutmeg lying on carpeted closet floor. Can't remember if I brushed my teeth. Prop Nutmeg on couch again and do a few minutes of straightening up during end of show. Wonder when mess will go away if I have to nurse every hour. But hey, when Nutmeg's grown up, what will i miss -- the day spent cuddling with her and nursing, or the housework?

12:00 Nurse more while checking email.

12:20 Nutmeg falls asleep leaning against me while I write this. Gearing up to try another transfer to crib. Wish me luck!

Nutmeg wakes up due to crib transfer but after a little rocking i get her back to sleep and into crib
12:30-2:45 Yay, Nutmeg slept for more than 2 hours! I manage to: load dishwasher and do dishes. sweep and mop the kitchen where i suspect daddy spilled something sticky last night. wolf down a chicken leg and a cup of coffee. order birthday gift for mother in law. put away nutmeg's laundry and do some rearranging of her drawers to make room for newly fitting 3-6 clothes. put in a load of laundry and get the mail on the way up. yay again, mail contains a disability check and news that disability paid me for 4 days more than i realized. and an invitation to kay's baby shower, august 7. call to rsvp for shower. call EDD to ask about my paid family leave claim, and find out that as soon as they process the claim, they will send me a check for July 1-15. That's awesome because i didn't know when the family leave pay would start and i need it to be over by mid august so i can take 2 weeks of vacation in august. if i don't do that, our health coverage would lapse.
2:45 Try to make a salad while on phone with EDD but Nutmeg, as always when she catches Mommy attempting to feed herself, starts demanding to nurse. Have tried explaining that mommy must eat in order to produce milk, but child will not listen to reason. back on couch typing email while nursing, but she only nurses for a few minutes and falls back to sleep.
realize still have not brushed teeth, yuck! also day is gorgeous and have not left house. bizarelly, feel i cannot go out now because might miss Oprah. it's not so much that I would miss the entertainment, it's that I'm clinging crazily to the shaky framework of my daily "schedule." Ironically, unlike a lot of other mothers, i feel no need at all to set up a schedule for Nutmeg. I let her sleep when she wants to, nurse when she wants, except that I might wake her up if she sleep much past 6 p.m. because I want her to sleep at night.
3:00 Turn on Wayne Brady show while nursing. It's already been cancelled,  but it was very good. When Nutmeg falls asleep, sneak off to finish making and eat salad, and make one for Daddy's lunch.  nutmeg wakes up and i change her and play with her.
4:00 Oprah. nutmeg nurses more. Oprah's about BABY RAPE of all things. also street children in romania huffing solvents, which is horrible to watch: when the kid inhales from the plastic bag, he makes a noise like a power tool and his hand jerks uncontrollably, then he spaces out. hug nutmeg, overtaken with fear that she will someday huff solvents. imagine explaining to her that heroine, while addictive, is really not bad for your brain. Cut Nutmeg's fingernails. make and eat tomato soup. change nutmeg again.
5:00 Put Nutmeg in Baby Bjorn and dance to a few billy holiday songs. give her pacifier and she dozees in there. put away pots and pans, but clanging wakes her. go downstairs to get laundry. Nutmeg starts fussing as I'm trying to hang up clothes.  
5:30 Daddy calls to say he won't leave work until at least 7:15, so all urgency to get supper going evaporates. lie down with Nutmeg and nurse her to sleep, and try to fall asleep myself. Manage about 15 minutes.
6:15 Try to sneak away without waking Nutmeg. No such luck. Dance around in front of mirror with her, sing "Strangers in the Night." As usual, she smiles at her reflection and touches the mirror with her little hand. hold her in left arm while figuring out what to make for dinner. tuna casserole doesn't work out due to not having cream of mushroom soup. get out rice and broccoli.
6:30 nurse nutmeg. play with baby gym. her favorite: this star with a big smiley and a light on each arm, which lights up and plays music. she grins at it and talks to it as it plays. try to encourage her to lie on her tummy by holding the star in front of her, but she cries.
start dinner while nutmeg plays in baby gym. every once in awhile she calls me over. if i don't play with her for a few minutes, she'll cry.
7:00 change nutmeg and try some 3-6 outfits on her to see if i should bring them to hawaii. these ones are too big.  nutmeg grins while i do it, becaues we're talking and playing at the same time. put nutmeg in "Daddy's Girl" sleeper -- size 3-6!
7:30 nurse her while updating blog, then cuddle while updating blog.
8:00 daddy's home :) oops, dinner not ready.  finish nursing and hand nutmeg over to daddy so i can finish dinner.
8:35 Nutmeg crying. let daddy take over dinner so i can nurse her
8:45 put Nutmeg in swing and eat. Daddy complains about dinner's blandness and lack of meat.
9:00 Nutmeg wants out of swing so daddy takes her into rocking chair and reads her "The Cat in the Hat" with cute voices. I listen while cleaning up and emptying dishwasher.
9:20 Nutmeg starts crying and nurse her some more.
9:30 She falls asleep on my lap and I update blog, pay bills online. daddy takes bath.
10:00 Successfully transfer Nutmeg to Pack n Play. hope to soon get all lovey dovey with Daddy. 
10:10 Nutmeg awake in Pack n Play.  rock and nuse back to sleep.
10:45 Nutmeg wakes up again during transfer to PnP. Give up on romance and bring her to bed with us.
11:00 asleep

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