Saturday, April 24, 2004

I made it until Mom and Dad got here, and now it looks like i'm going to make it to see Michelle Kwan tomorrow. Yay. So happy. Although the feelings of pressure and the braxton-hicks contractions have come back today, i'm hoping they won't amount to anything before tomorrow afternoon. i started having more "pressure surges" as Hypnobabies calls them after we climbed up the old fort at the base of the Golden Gate today, and i inadvertently helped them along a little more by doing a couple of lunges on some old cannon stands up at the top. i was practicing the lunges our childbirth instructor told us we could do to help the baby turn the right way (towards the back) for delivery.

My mom is so happy that she got to see me in full pregnancy, and both my mom and dad got to see and feel the baby moving inside me last night. i was sitting in the glider and she started rocking out the way she does sometimes, very visible through my dress. we even got it on video.

mom unpacked like two suitcases full of baby stuff: things that i received at the showers in wisconsin that i hadn't had room for, and then just as much free samples of everything i will need for the baby -- baby wash, infant diapers, a *FEW* formula samples (i hadn't thought i wanted any around, but then it occured to me that we should have some in case of earthquake. what i was hurt or killed and couldn't feed the baby, and erik couldn't buy formula?), infant wipes, a couple neat little coolers with ice packs for bottles, another, nicer diaper bag, nursing pads, and on and on... we are so lucky. now the problem is just storing all this stuff. our storage room is pretty much full as it is.

mom also brought some of the little knitted and crocheted things that i had as an infant, which she cleaned the old spit-up stains off of with oxy clean. erik and i changed our mind about the MOnkey's coming home outfit. We had picked out a pink cap and booties, with little pink pants, a white t-shirt, and a pink fleece blanket that a friend made her. But mom brought these tiny little "crib shoes" that she bought for the Monkey for Christmas, and we wanted to put those on her. So now we're going with a yellow sweater/jacket that was mine, with a matching bonnet, a paler yellow ducky t-shirt, striped yellow and blue pants, lacy little socks and shoes, a yellow receiving blanket, and a little Winnie the Pooh drool bib. The cutest thing is that for each outfit we have a coordinated burp cloth. The things people have made us for burp clothes are so darling, it's so funny to think they're meant for the baby to vomit on.

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