Sunday, April 04, 2004

37 weeks

Funny thing happened today. Erik and I went to the grocery store and I was squatting down to look at the different sizes of grape jelly. I was down there for a few minutes, trying to figure out which one was a better deal, when an employee came along and said, "Ma'am, sir, is everything ok?" Maybe she thought I was going to give birth in her aisle! I was embarrassed.

Yesterday, I spent the morning with other pregnant women who were getting ultrasounds. I'm doing a story about commercial ultrasound places, so i went to one in Marin to get the color. It was funny because the photographer was there before me, but he just ignored me when I came in because he thought I was one of the customers.

The rest of the weekend we spent preparing for labor and baby. Erik finally found the Walkman that I'll use to listen to my hypnosis tapes in the car and possibly at the hospital. We went to Target and bought the few baby supplies that we didn't get as gifts or buy used -- changing pad, a few newborn t-shirts for before the cord falls off, a basket for the monkey's toys, some drinks and snacks. i also went to bed bath and beyond and bought myself a nice bath pillow and a microwavable hot pack. and we went to the grocery store today and laid in lots of snacks like jello and frozen fruit bars, some energy bars, stuff like that. besides our suitcase, i realize that we will have to fill up a shopping bag to take to the hospital with things like pillows, and the comfort measures that we'll be using at home before we go! We still don't know what the baby will wear home, although we did pick out a blanket, hat and booties that might be nice. oh and we got that special baby laundry detergent, so after we confirm it's a girl at tomorrow's ultrasound, i'll wash her 0-3 month stuff to have it ready for her.

was having a lot of cramps yesterday after working all morning, on the drive home. today not as much. but erik brought home a cold and now i've got it :( however it didn't last very long with erik, so i hope it won't with me either. meanwhile, my mom is strategizing on what to do if i go into labor early or have to get induced after the ultrasound. she's going to drop everything and fly out here if i go into labor. she said on the phone the other day, "well, some people have 37-hour labors," as in, maybe she could get here before i had the baby. i was like, gee, wouldn't that be nice? a 37-hour labor. lucky me ;)

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