Wednesday, March 17, 2004

almost 35 weeks

People still say I look tiny, and at childbirth class i have the soonest due date, but one of the smallest bellies. But I saw the doctor today and she said "the size is good" when she measured me. According to my home scale, i'm only up 15 pounds, after losing about four pounds when i wasn't feeling well a couple weeks ago. But the doctor's scale showed me as four pounds heavier than that, so the dr. said i weighed the same as my last appointment a month ago. which she thought was fine.
Anyway, the monkey is still head down. she kicked back when the dr. palpated her, and then when the dr. listened to her heartbeat it was extra fast at first. the dr. said that was the monkey's reaction to being palpated, and that it was a good sign.

more later. too tired.

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