Wednesday, February 11, 2004

almost 31 weeks

So tired. Last night I was listening to one of my hypnosis tapes when my cell phone rang. I ignored it and as usual fell asleep at some point during the tape. Just after it ended, the regular phone rang. It was Oracle, telling me they'd put a release out on the wire. 8 p.m., and there was a breaking news story for me to write. The good news is that I threw the story together by deadline, and was a big hero at work today for having gotten it. Bad news is, today was another deadline day, with 10 minutes for lunch, and I'm exhausted. My back hurts. And I have a huge pile of work to do for the HOA now that I'm home. Thank god it's a long weekend coming up.
On the upside, the monkey is wiggling all the time, instead of a kick here and there it feels like a real little baby in there. Erik and I got the car seat the night before last. Erik's friend at work has been hassling him to get one so he can show him the proper way to set it up. At the store I deliberated a long time between two moldels of the Graco Snugride, because I wanted it to look nice in our car but also be the cutest one. Erik was like, "You know, the pattern doesn't affect the safety of the car seat." I pointed out that I was going to be carrying this thing around for the next year. Shouldn't I choose one that looks good? We ended up getting the "Colby," the same pattern as the Pack N Play that Mom got us: blue and white checks.
Erik's mom sent us a baby book that is so cute. I can't wait to put those baby pictures in it.

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