Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I went to see the doctor at my practice's other clinic today, just across the street from the hospital. The doctor there listened to the baby's heartbeat for a long time and could not detect any skip. If there was one, she was going to send me for a fetal echocardiogram, which is like a sonogram of just the heart. but now she just told me to come back for another appointment in 2 weeks. i'm going to try to make it at my regular clinic, because it's a nicer atmosphere than this one i went to today. and i had to wait about 45 minutes in the examination room today, which has never happened at my regular place.

got my flu shot too, which all pregnant women are supposed to get.

afterwards i walked across the street and looked at the hospital where i'll be giving birth. it looks kind of old. but according to the online tour the birthing center is pretty nice.

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