Monday, January 05, 2004

24 weeks

Third trimester! Although, if you count by weeks, the third is FOUR WEEKS longer than the first two trimesters.

Really showing now. I'm wearing mostly maternity pants, except for one pair of size 12 slightly stretchy ones that mom got me for my birthday, which i love. gotta go buy some new bras too -- yay! But then just when i'm admiring my belly in the mirror and thinking, anyone would know i'm pregnant now, i go to a party and someone says, "Gee, you don't LOOK pregnant at all." which kinda bursts my bubble. but soon enough, there won't be any doubt.

The monkey was very rambunctious yesterday after a few quiet days. Erik could feel her very strongly from the outside several times over the weekend. We had a few people over Sunday morning to watch the packer playoff game, and i think maybe all the yelling got her going. It's amazing the area of my abdomen she roams -- from way above my belly button to the pubic bone, and sometimes way off to one side or another.

I weight about 149 pounds now, up 14 from my low point and up 9 from pre-pregnancy weight. tomorrow's my extra dr.'s appointment for another doctor to listen to the skip in monkey's heartbeat. it's at my practice's other clinic, the one at UCSF hospital (or right near it) so i'm excited to go over there. then a week from tomorrow we have our birthing center tour.

I decided to order a self-study course called Hypnobabies to learn hypnosis for childbirth. It seems a lot more extensive and in-depth than the classes that are available, known as Hypnobirthing. Both are like, TM. I would have ordered it already except for various struggles trying to get PayPal to work. Sheesh.

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