Friday, December 26, 2003

23 weeks -- Home for the Holidays
I got lots of maternity clothes for Christmas. I'll probly have to buy very little from now on. I got two pairs of nice pants for the office -- one black and one pinstriped -- a white blouse, a gray sweater, a gray jumper and blazer, and a cranberry top. and a sweatsuit.
The monkey got a few things too: "crib shoes," a picture frame that holds a poem along with her ultrasound, a Christmas tree ornament and a photo album. Also, one of my mom's auxiliary officer friends made her a beautiful little quilt of very soft flannel. I've never even met this woman! That was really nice. and i gave erik a little book called "Daddy Kisses" to read her.
We told the grandparents what we're going to name her. We weren't planning on it until the day she's born, but my mom talked me into it because she said she needed to know in advance, I guess she wants to give us something with the baby's name on it. They took it ok; my parents had been expecting us to choose that name because i had mentioned a couple years back that it was a name i liked for a little girl. My grandma made a face, but my parents warned her she couldn't say anything else. Erik's parents said, "Oh." It was pretty funny. Obviously they didn't like it either but too bad.
One sort of bad thing: Just before we came home for Christmas, I went to my OB for a regular checkup. She thought she heard a skip in the heartbeat. She had just looked at the sonogram results and saw that everything looked good; that included a look at all 4 chambers of the heart. And the AFP screening came back triple negative. But she thought maybe I should have another quick look on the ultrasound machine. She went to ask the perinatologist, an expert in fetal health, and he said an occasional skip was totally normal and not to worry about it. But she scheduled me for another appointment as soon as i come back, so a different doctor could have a listen.

Then when we got home mom took me to the hospital and put me on the fetal monitor in the birthing center. It was like a dry run for labor -- i was on the bed, hooked up, with nurses standing over me. the heartbeat was nice and loud and clear -- but we heard that skip, about every 10th beat or so. one of mom's friends said it's called a "regular irregularity," and that it's generally nothing to worry about, that it goes away for some babies after birth and other kids continue to have it, but it doesn't hurt them. I don't know. I'll see what the doctor says.

Today, Hollie and I went to Target to work on my registry. Her son Robbie came with; he's 19 months old and a lot of fun. He rode in the cart, chattering away, happy to be hanging out with mom. Hollie had great advice on what things I wouldn't really need -- baby washclothes -- and what i would, like lots of onesies in different sizes, and the baby play gym. i didn't put the bouncy chair on the list, although i still can't decide. i think we'll try just using the carrier for when we have to put her down at home, and if she's not satisfied with that maybe we'll get one later.

Here's a virtual tour of the birthing center at UCSF, where i'll be giving birth:

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