Monday, December 15, 2003

21 weeks
I'm feeling a few good movements while lying on the couch tonight, and I'm glad, because the Monkey has been quiet for the last few days. I felt a little movement each day, but not as much as before.
A few landmarks this week: None of my pants fit anymore. I wore my new maternity corduroys to work several times this week. Skirts and dresses still fit.
I've gained 8 pounds in the 6 weeks since my last appointment. Hope my doctor's happy with that when I go on Wednesday.
As a pregnant woman I'm on the list of people being urged to get a flu shot. I have to call the doc's office tomorrow morning and find out if they can give me one. I missed the day at work when they were giving flu shots because of my grandma's funeral, and now because of the shortage drugstores, etc. aren't giving them. I'm sick with a cold right now though, and my mom said I might not be able to get the flu shot when I'm already sick. I'll see what the doc says I guess.

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