Tuesday, December 02, 2003

19 weeks

I can feel her moving. It never felt like fluttering, or like popping popcorn, or like any of those other things people told me to expect. It just feels, well, like something moving inside me. At first I thought it was just blood pulsing especially hard through a vessel down there. There is a strong pulse coming from my stomach, I think it's the placenta pulsing.
Anyway, it's very distracting to have this movement inside me. I'll be interviewing someone, or talking to my editor, and suddenly i feel it, and i'm in another world. The mommy world.
I bought some cute maternity clothes today on sale. Corduroys for $20 that practically fit now -- i just wonder if i'll be able to wear them when i'm really big. And a stretchy shirt for $10. At Motherhood Maternity right across from work.

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