Tuesday, November 04, 2003

hey, computer hacker adrian lamo made me his friendster today! hope that's not getting inappropriately close to a source.

appetite kicking into high gear. the moment i brush my teeth at night and lie down in bed, i'm hungry. i'm still kind of sleepy all the time, but now instead of falling asleep in a flash, i lie there and think, i want some yogurt.

my clothes still fit.not sure if i've gained a pound or not. i want new clothes!

it's cold in our apartment. makes me worry that this place might be too drafty for a baby with only the 2 electric heaters that don't really warm the whole room. and i'd be nervous to put the baby too close to the heater lest they get overheated. that happened to my lizard once, and it died! i will not repeat my lizard care mistakes with the baby.

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